February 18th, 2008

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Azeri speakers learning English- help

I'm tutoring an Azeri lady in English today. I've done a bit of background reading about her language, and I've taught Turkish people before, so I'm familiar with mistakes like mixing up he and she, but my Turkish students had been studying English for much longer and had had a lot of classes, unlike my new Azeri student. I have never met anyone from Azerbaijan before, is there anyone here who is familiar with Azeri people and can give me some idea of difficulties they have with English?
  • necroad

As a thanks...

As a thanks to all who helped me in my previous entry, here's something relevant and fun that I've discovered:

NIALL - "Non-Intelligent Language Learner"

Niall attempts to learn English, or whatever language you care to teach it, by breaking down the sentences you type in, remembering words, connections between words, the number of times a particular connection has occured, and start/end sentence markers.

It's uh, very amusing. It's not like the ones that already know what they're saying. Talk to it for a bit and it comes out with some ridiculous things.
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Kazakh help

Hello, fellow linguaphiles!

I'm looking into TEFL jobs outside the United States, and one of the places I seem to be getting a lot of positive feedback from is Kazakhstan. I speak Russian already, but if things pan out and I mangage to get a job in Almaty or Astana, I'd like to at least be able to try to learn some passable Kazakh. I realize many people already speak Russian, but I still would like to have all my bases covered.

I can't really find any good English resources or books for learning Kazakh, aside from the publications the Peace Corps puts out, and even those are very bare bones.

I figure Russian langauge resources would be more fruitful. Does anyone have any links to a Russian-langauge book or site dedicated to teaching Kazakh? Better yet, does anyone have the ISBNs for them so I can order them?

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  • lizziey

Translation, please

"me encanta este parto , es igual a una foca pariendo, a sin dolor."

On my youtube, someone left this comment to the video of me birthing my daughter. And I don't know what it means, aside from something to do with pain ("dolor" i know means pain, heh!).

Please help!!
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  • tgies

DOS Japanese crap

Does anyone have any idea how to get cmd.exe in Windows XP to correctly handle programs that want to output text in a Japanese character encoding?

I'm trying to use this 6502 assembler and it's giving me messages which I can't read and can't even determine the encoding of because it's munged them so badly. It's kind of annoying.

I'm aware this is kind of pushing it in terms of the scope of this community, so I won't be offended if the maintainers delete it.

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book collecting

On the same theme as a recent post on books in languages you don't know, does anyone else here collect versions of the same book in different languages? I have a strange need to buy copies of Asterix books or the Voyage of the Dawn Treader whenever I visit a new country and go in a book shop. I don't feel the same need with TinTin books oddly enough. Anyone else?
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