February 12th, 2008



I study German at school. I am an older pupil, and have learned German for 6 years. I am looking for somebody who can help me to improve my German for school purposes. (Test etc.) I want to find somebody who is fluent in German and English. If you have AIM or MSN or an e-mail address, this would be even better and be quicker.

Ich studiere Deutsch in der Schule. Ich bin ein älterer Schüler, und habe Deutsch seit 6 Jahren gelernt. Ich suche nach jemandem, der mir helfen kann, mein Deutsch zu Schulzwecken zu verbessern. (Tests usw.) Ich jemanden finden wollen, der auf Deutsch und Englisch fließend ist. Wenn Sie AIM oder MSN oder eine E-Mail-Adresse haben, würde das noch besser und schneller sein.

As you can see from above my german needs help, haha. If you have any time and can guide me with translations/grammar etc, I would be so greatful. Just comment here or in my journal and let me know!

I hope this is the right place to post, if it is not could you please redirect me elsewhere.

Thank you/Danke. :]
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could someone edit this for me pretty please? it is due wednesday at 12:00 pacific time and i'll check my computer throughout the night and at 10:00 am.

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