February 9th, 2008

intro plus language learning link

Hi, My name is Natasha and I've been studying languages and writing since I was very young.  It's always been an obsession of mine, so I look forward to participating in this group.  

I wanted to share a link to an article I wrote with tips for creating a language emersion environment even when you can't be in a native-speaking country:

I appreciate feedback! 

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Hello all, 

My name is Christina and I need some language help.  I am American but I spent part of my childhood in Scandinavia  (Norway and Sweden mostly) and I love the countries, their cultures and their langauges.  I have plans to try and study abroad/visit in less than a year and I figure the sooner I start practicing, the better.  I am a very dedicated at becoming at the very least semi-fluent.  I already have intermediate langauge skills so I would not be wasting your time...not completely anyway. :P  

I would be willing to communicate via e-mail, MSN, or even over Skype (free internet phone).   

So, in other words, are there any Danes, Swedes, Icelanders, and/or Norwegians...ANYONE out there who would like a penpal and help me practice and help answer any questions I may have about your languages?  In return, I could help with Spanish as it is my speacialization at my University.

I've got my fingers crossed!
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Quick French to English Translation


I'm currently on an exchange program during my senior year of high school, and right now I'm in the process of applying to universities. I just finished translating a letter that I need to send to schools back home in order to finish up my applications, and I was wondering if someone could look it over for me.


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Hey there!

If you're a flashcard user, want to show them off? I'm interested in the different ways people use flashcards, and what kind of information they put on them. So, feel free to scan your cards, talk about them, etc.
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"How do you say"

What is the German word for "credit" in "college credit"? Like a certain course is worth so many "credits". Is it just der Kredit? My impression was that that word is reserved for financial contexts.
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[r] help

in french i pronounce [r] as [ʀ].

any tongue-tied people in the room that can roll their Rs?

The tongue tied (ankyloglossia inferior, or tight frenulum) condition refers to individuals where the piece of skin inside the mouth located below the tongue — where the tongue joins the lower palate — is too short and the mouth physically cannot reach the top palate for any dental fricatives.

from here

i looked it up, and "thin" and "this" are dental fricatives. i can pronounce those. i could before i had the frenulum under my tongue removed, as well, which is why i remained tongue-tied into my teens. ;) this is the only mention i can find of tongue-tiedness affecting [r]. are dental fricatives and [r] even related?

lastly... for [ʀ] i feel like i'm closing my throat. should i do the same for [ʀ]? i'm trying to find diagrams for each and not having much luck, so if anyone knows where i could find those...


Listening comprehension

Does anyone have any tips for improving listening comprehension in a second language, assuming I already have significant immersion in the language on a daily basis?

I've been studying Spanish for about eight years. The first seven and a half or so were purely book and classroom study with no immersion in the language to speak of - no time spent in any Spanish-speaking countries, and so on. About seven months ago, though, I got a full-time job that has me speaking Spanish over half of the time, so needless to say, my spoken Spanish has improved by leaps and bounds.

The thing is, though, my listening comprehension has lagged a little bit. Despite being able to say pretty much whatever I want in Spanish, it's still sometimes difficult for me to understand what people are saying. I'd say my listening comprehension is at about 75%, tops. Not too shabby, but a lot of times there will be large chunks of stuff that I just don't understand at all.

So, does this just get better with time? Is there anything I could do differently to help the process along, or is there just a sort of pain period where I've got to have the immersion for a certain period of time before it gets better?