February 1st, 2008

  • milram

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Hi all,

I'm back to my BA again, this time quoting a Spanish text. (Incidentally, I do translate most of my quotations by myself, it's just the ones I'm really struggling with that I bring here. Hope no one minds.) I think most of my translation should be fine, it's only the very end ("a lo social") that's throwing me off a bit. Here's the text and my translation so far:

“Existe la noción de la “incompletitud”. Toda persona se reconoce que no es autosuficiente; la categoría individuo no es una categoría funcional en la comunidad, la persona está subordinada al colectivo y a lo social."

“The notion of 'incompleteness' exists. Each person recognizes that he/she is not self-sufficient; the category of the individual is not a functional category within the community, a person is subordinated to the collective and the social.”

Does it make sense in English that someone is subordinated to "the social"? Someone suggested that I might add another word, like "social structure," or "social expectations," etc. from how I understand the original, it is meant as a reference to all manner of things "social" in a very abstract sense...

Any thoughts?


Teaching a non-credit French class - Help!

I just got hired (yesterday!) to teach a non-credit, conversational French class at the local community college. I'm extremely excited about the opportunity, but I have one problem - I've never taught a class like this before! I taught Spanish to undergrads, 5 days a week for 45 minutes, but this is an adult-aimed night class that meets 2 nights a week for 2 hours. I have to write an outline of the course before I start next Tuesday, and I have no idea how much material to allot for each class period. I know that adult learners generally don't pick things up as quickly as undergrads, but I don't really know how that translates into actual lessons.

Also, the textbook is one of those teach yourself type of books, so I'm finding it's not terribly helpful for breaking up classes into manageable chunks. I plan to teach from my own lesson plans, and use some of the activities and short readings in the text as classwork and homework.

So does anyone have any advice as I go into this? How much is too-much for adult learners in a 2-hour class? If anyone who's done something similar has any ideas, please let me know!