January 9th, 2008


Needing Chinese Translations of flyer

Can anyone translate the following for me? They're parts of a delivery flyer for a local Chinese restaurant that my bf and I really like. Most of the flyer is either in English or has English translations except for the below.

Sorry about some glare from the camera. :/ If you can't or wouldn't want to translate all of it, I understand. If we could at least get the first page which is combo specials, that'd be greatly appreciated! :D

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Miles Prower

Hebrew Vocalisation

I have a short text in Hebrew, but its transliterated, and I was wondering if anyone would be able to put it back into original Hebrew characters again for me please? And if possible with niqqud/vowels :)


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 I'm much obliged to anyone that can help! :)

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Please, help The Rus-Eng culture and cinema lexic.

Please help me to translate my article from Russian to English. It's difficult, because i make a lot of mistakes and because a lot of thing that I am translating is understandable only in Russian (or even Moscow0city) reality. So, if you interesed in these subjects it could be interesting for you:

"However, the perception of Moscow by Luzhkov's office is detached from the reality of this huge metropolis and its rich history. We know that Luzhkov is first of all a good crisis and infrastructure manager,(1? how to say it write? In Russia we call it "крепкий хозйственник" (strong household man) that means he know how to clean the streets but don't have any idea how to restore the old houses) but since his first step as a Mayor of Moscow in 1992 a lot of Moscow historians says that Luzhkov badly understands the culture basis of this city.
Luzhkov was upset by image of Moscow by the eyes of West as a best destination for boozing and flaneuring (is it right? In Russian and Spain we have a special word as "volnitsa" it means an atmospehere of Cowboy Saloon of Wild Wild West time - a lot of drinking, boozing, fighting and sex for money". The place where everything is possible. Guys from German “Rammstein” sing in “Moskau” song^
"Diese Stadt ist eine Dirne,
hat rote Flecken auf der Stirn'
(...)Sie schlaft mit mir,
doch nur fur Geld
Ist doch die schoenste Stadt der Welt!
"This city is a whore,
has red spots on her face,
her teeth are from gold(...)
she sleeps with me but only for money,
but this is the best city in the world!
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Tanka search

Not exactly an appropriate question, probably...

The problem in short is that I've got a Russian translation of a Japanese poem and I'd love to find the original variant.

The translation I've got: Сказали мне, что эта дорога меня приведёт к океану смерти, и я с полпути повернула вспять. С тех пор все тянутся предо мною кривые, глухие окольные тропы…

In English that might be something like this: I was told this road would bring me to the ocean of death, and I've turned back halfway. Since than the dark, devious, croked paths keep dragging on before me.

I know it's a Yosano Akiko's tanka, but I've got no idea where and how to look for the original variant. Maybe there's anyone who can recognize it and recollect the Japanese text? Or at least to give me a link to a good online collection of Yosano's texts, if there is such a site.
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Help with a translation?

I wouldn't normally just ask like this but I have been sick since christmas when my mother gave me this box and set of buttons as a gift and I have only been out of bed long enough to go to the doctor three times.

I would love to know what is written on the box and also what the button says.

Could someone please help me? I have no idea when I will be well enough to actually try translating them myself so any help would be most appreciated.

I have included original photos plus reverse colour photos which seems to clear them up just a little more, under the cut...

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In search of words that sound like common phrases

This might not be the place to ask, but I thought you language lovers might know. I am searching for a game that I remember playing when I was a kid. The basics of the game are that a player is given a phrase with words that sound like other words, they are to read these words to their opponent who tries to guess what the actual common phrase is. An example is "as ready as a lover bee" and the correct version is "as ready as I'll ever be".

I am looking either for the name of this game so that I can buy it, or somewhere on the internet that has a list of these kinds of phrases or even just what these phrases are called.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have googled like crazy, but can't seem to find a way to fit what I want into searchable parameters.