December 31st, 2007


calling all male American English speakers!

Hey guys,
You may remember my post here a week ago asking for help with my paper on the Yiddish lexicon in US English.
I've gotten lots of fantastic responses (thanks to those who have)... but almost all of the responses are from people who are female, and most of them under 30.

I'd love some diversity!

You don't have to identify with, or know anyone who identifies with, any religion at all. If you have ever used the word "schmooze" and identify as male (females over 35 are slightly less desperately needed), I want your help.

Here's the link again:

A sheynem dank, todah rabah, & thanks a mil! Apologies, too, if this is obnoxious or if reposts are frowned on.


What are some common insults? Any language is fine, but particularly Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Swedish.

They don't have to be modern, either, or lacking in amusement; I started wondering about this after rambling about Shakespearean insults to myself. Just curious. Thanks in advance!
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Can anyone tell me how to pronounce the following word in arabic?

Also, if you know the most common use of that word, could you please let me know? I intended to use it as 'promise' or 'commitment'.

Thank you!
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Well, tonight is New Year's Eve, Silvester or whatever you want to call it. I thought it would be a fun thing to find out as many different ways to toast as possible. I looked through the memories and didn't see any. Just cause your language is listed already, feel free to add another if you have a variation. The few that i know are:

English: Cheers
German: Prost
Irish: Slainte
Swedish: Skal
Hebrew: L'Chaim
Spanish: Salud
Japanese: Kanpai

EDIT: I am aware that accents and other characters are missing. I do not have the drive to find my character map combinations in order to properly write these words. Sorry if this offends anyone.
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This has always been a curiosity of mine: What are the most unusual features of a natural language? Some things that come to my mind include Pirahã with its lack of numerals and colors and its diminished phonetic system, or  the Khoisan languages with their click consonants.  Anyone else have an example?