December 24th, 2007


New member - Yugioh translation (Latin?)

If anyone here is an anime fan, you've probably heard of Yugioh. If anyone here is a Yugioh fan, you are my new best friend.

Link to post- Click me! (has sound clips!)

I posted this here because I want a translation of what seems to be Latin, spoken by Dartz; a character in Yugioh. Some people have said it's Latin, some say it's a mix of Latin and Greek!!! (Please peoples, read the entire post before you comment! I never said it was only ONE language. Jeez...) I posted this on a Yugioh community playthedamncard (as linked above), and from there, someone told me of this community, and I hope you guys can help me find what language is being spoken, and what is being said.

On another note: A LJ comm just for linguaphiles? I think I'm in love! This is the best Christmas present ever! :D


[EDIT: Question: not answered. Subject: distorted, purposly misread, judged, and now abandoned. Do not reply.]
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Research for a paper on American Yiddish

edit: Data collection is now over and the paper is being written. Thanks to all who answered for your help! Once the flurry of writing is over I can talk results to anyone interested.

Hey, American English speakers!
I'm doing research for a paper on the incorporation of a few Yiddish words into the American lexicon. I'm hoping to prove that the words have different shades of meaning depending on how many Jewish people the speaker knows (using Milroy-style network density measurements). I'd love your help! If you'd rather email your answers, direct them to yiddishstudy AT gmail DOT com.

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That's it. Thanks so much for helping out!

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p.s. have a lovely holiday/post-holiday season. :)