December 16th, 2007

words/expressions for "happy trail" in various languages

Sooo Fleur and Anastasia tell me there's no word or expression for "happy trail" in either French OR Russian. Madness. What does one call the little line of fuzz connecting the belly button and the nether negions in other languages? Are there any other commonly used English terms besides that?


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Languages with Cases: Web Forms

How do languages in which nouns decline deal with automated web forms that put messages like "posted by xxxx" at the bottom of pages? This of course only applies to languages in which proper nouns decline as well, but how do they put these in the correct case? Or do they reword it in such a way that they need no case?
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Norwegian Translation?

I was wondering if anyone would mind translating this Norwegian article/interview on Kamelot into English for me? (Some questions/answers are in English, but a lot of them aren't)
It's a little lengthy, so I completely understand if it's too much of a bother.
Thanks so much for anything anyone can do! ^.^

Also, on the subject of Norwegian... I'm interested in learning the language, so can anyone recommend any books, websites, cds, etc that are a nice starting point?
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Als ich kan.

The devise of Jan van Eyck was "als ich kan". But I can't understanf, which language it is? In germany it must be "als ich kann", in nederlands "als ik kan".?

Ich kann nicht verstehen, mit welchem Sprache ist die Devise von Kan van Eyck "als ich kan" geschaffnet worden. In deutsch das soll "als ich kann" sein, in Nederlans und auch in Niedersachsen "ik". Wer weiss?
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(no subject)

I was talking to a friend online, who made the typo of "democrasy" instead of "democracy." I forget how we came about it, but I mentioned that democrasy would pronounced like demo-craysy -- with a hard A -- and he disgreed and said it would be pronounced the same as democracy. And we've currently come to an impasse about the "correct" pronounciation.

So, I come to you guys: how would democrasy be pronounced, assuming it's an actual (English) word?
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Hello :)

I've just been told that the word "hello" can be spelled with E only.
For some reason I always spell it as hAllo. And I'm just interested - are there any native speakers of the English language who spell it with A?

Thank you.