December 6th, 2007

Summer Study Abroad?

Hey Linguaphiles!
 I am 22 years old, and I am start grad school in the spring for French Pedagogy. I am looking to study abroad in the south of France this summer. I really would prefer a 2 month program, preferably July and August, although I would also consider possibly doing one month with one program and one month with another. Can anyone here recommend strong study abroad/immersion programs in the South of France that they have heard of or done themselves? Thank you!
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Nationalized food

It is nice to examine those cases where different kinds of food are "nationalized" and obtain (a presumed, or not presumed) national origin. Few examples come to my mind: bistecca milanese vs. Wiener schnitzel; Greek coffee vs. Turkish coffee; and the big poor game bird Turkey (e.g. in English) vs. Dinde, i.e. from India (in French, Polish, Hebrew and more). Can you imagine what would happen if you ask for a fried Indian in an American restaurant, or for a Turkish coffee in Athens?
Any more such examples?

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Arabic to English phoneme mapping

Quick question for work. I'm in the process of building a kludge for something, a work-around, and need to figure out (in X-SAMPA, particularly) how to best map this:


onto an English phoneme set. It's the voiced velar fricative (/ɣ/ in IPA), which is, as far as I'm aware, completely unused in English.

What I'm wondering is, if this is the phoneme set I can work with, how do I best represent this sound from Arabic?

My best guess so far is to use x (/x/ in IPA), and just hope we'll catch the voicing. Any improvements on that?

Update: Best solution found, I think (use the voiced velar plosive from English; it's the least different from the voiced velar fricative). Thanks!

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Because I cannot settle for the Roman script version of these things, I would like to know how to say Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy Whatever Winter Break Thing People Celebrate in as many languages as possible, but especially the following:

1) Arabic (various kinds, non-African is preferable)
2) Mandarin Chinese
3) Marathi
4) Hindi (I'm aware 3) and 4) are pronounced similarly but they're surely written differently)
5) Taiwanese
6) Vietnamese
7) Persian/Farsi
8) Bulgarian
9) Korean

Thanks in advance and don't feel limited to these ones. :O I wouldn't mind like, Kazakh or something, haha, if you know it off the top of your head.
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czech or slovak?

Can someone please tell me if the following is czech or slovak. I'm assuming from what I know of the languages that it's Czech, but I could very well be wrong.

Ver v pána ježiša a budeš spasený ty a tvoj dom.

Thanks ahead of time.