November 23rd, 2007


how does men....!!!?!??!

A fellow student of mine had put this into our report:

"How does men account for the effect on walls?"

now.. those first three words are so opposite to what i believe should be there (i.e. how do men-, how does one-, of which the latter variation is the better) that i have no idea how to explain this to him.

I have tried to explain it along the lines of  "men is plural, and plurals -do-", "does is singular, a single human is -one-". but he doesn't agree.

HELP me by giving your own explanation, try to keep it as clear and simple as possible.

thanks in advance!

P.S.: also, if i'm wrong somehow i would like to know how and why :P
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ブラック☆スター: buh?


This may be me showing my ignorance, but still ... from this article on STI transmission rates:

"We need to change attitudes towards condom use. It should be clunk clip every trip."

... quoi?

I'm a Sussex BrEng speaker and I have no idea, onomatopaeically or otherwise, what on earth this phrase means, or whether/why it's appropriate in context. Why "clunk clip?"

EDIT: Apparently it's a reference to a seat-belt use campaign in times bygone. What do people think about him using it?
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