November 4th, 2007

Dialect/accent coach?

I'm about to get my bachelor's in linguistics this December, and (along with about five other options that I'm considering) I was curious as to what sort of education you needed to get to become an accent coach. I was thinking of just going for an master's in a school with a good focus on dialectology, but I've been wandering around the internet and have seen credentials that are all over the place. Thanks in advance.
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"to represent and warrant"

Hello, I'm translating a legal text from English (into Russian) and trying to understand whether "to represent and warrant" are a tautology (use of redundant language) or it's two words with slightly different meaning. The phrase:
"Vendor represents and warrants uninterrupted deliveries of Merchandise and warrants complete compliance of the Merchandise with the specification as set forth in Clause 15."

Do you have any idea why is it that uninterrupted deliveries are both "represented and warranted," while complete compliance is only "warranted"?
  • theconr

Complement/Adjunct tests

In the sentence:

The reporters will learn what we decided when the committee finishes.

If I'm trying to prove that 'what we decided' is the complement (and thus 'when the committee finishes' is an adjunct), how would I differentiate between the adjacency test and the reordering test?
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Sis Boom Bah!

Hey there you loquacious linguists, you!

So, at a Swing Dancing workshop this week-end, we were shown this Jazz Step...I believe it was called the SisBoomBah.
Now, dancing aside, I've heard this term before. Either as SisBoomBah, SasKaboomBah or other phonetically similar versions.

Does anybody recognize the term or know its etymology?

Russian and/or Arabic IPA


I'm looking for good resources to teach myself some Russian and/or Arabic, but I find that those silly pseudo-phonetic descriptions ("de-SCRIP-shun", etc.) confuse me and aren't terribly accurate. Does anyone know of any that have pronunciation guides in the IPA? It can be a book or a website, just anything that'll get me started.


Lexical category help?

I'm having a problem figuring out the lexical category of the "that" phrase in sentences like this one:

"The car that I bought was red."

Is this a complementizer phrase, or a determiner phrase? Is there even such thing as a determiner phrase?

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Rolling R's


I don't know if this has been posted here before, but ... I really, really want roll my R's and I am having a really hard time with it. It is INCREDIBLY frustrating because most of the languages I want to learn have some degree of a thrilled R. And the main language I'm studying - Italian- has a particularly hard one. I have read all kinds of stuff online for tips on rolling your R's and annoyed the crap out of my friends trying to get them to help me, and here I am three years later still sounding incredibly American whenever I encounter any R. I know I'm not incapable of making the sound, because once, a couple months ago, when I was just messing around and pretending to try and roll my R I did for like two seconds. Don't know how, but I couldn't recapture it. I would love to someday be able to do the intense thrilled R's in Italian, but right now I'd be happy if I could even just roll it partially. So, does anyone know of any good tips for people who can't learn to roll their R's easily (I know some people who did it the first time they tried, and they had never attempted before in their life)?
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(no subject)

I just started an Arabic class and find that the pace is way too slow.  I'm looking for an Arabic language sitcom, or something of the like, to get addicted to in order to help me get a feel of the language and too gain some vocabulary along the way.  I'm looking for something available streaming online with either Hebrew or English subtitles.  Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!