October 11th, 2007

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Language-geek chuckle of the morning

Russian speakers (of which I am not one) will already know this, but per Wiki:
In addition to being an abbreviation for "network", "net" is also a romanisation of the Russian word нет ("no" or "not", also commonly romanised as the more acoustically appropriate "nyet"), and a domain name like "object.net" can be interpreted as "there is no object". Some domains exploit this pun, for example mozga.net (brain absent)...
BTW, for etymology buffs who didn't know, mozga is a distant cognate of the English word marrow. Discussion here.
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Hey, hope you don't mind me asking but I was wondering if anyone could help me translate this phrase (or at least something that conveys the same thing) into as many languages as possible:

It's a race that no one can win

I have an assignment that's pretty much "design a commemoration of the human race after they cease to exist on earth." and I'd like to have this on it. Thank you in advance. I've already got English (well, obviously) and German.
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Japanese dialect?

I was playing a video game just now, and when I approached an NPC he responded with:

こん先ば 会長室でごわす。
ばってん すじょうの 知れんヤツば
会長どんには 会わせられんですたい。

I understand what he's saying, I've just never seen this dialect before.  Does anyone know what region this is from?  During an earlier cut scene there was one sentence that I did not understand a single word from; I knew what he was saying from the sequence of events and everyone's response, but the structure and words were totally unfamiliar to me.

Actually while I'm here, does anyone know of any books regarding Japanese dialects?  Preferably in English, but Japanese would be fine too.  I get exposure to the usual Osaka and Kansai dialects through general media, but I'd really like to learn more about other patterns in the language.
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(no subject)

My friend is looking for kanji for a tattoo, and came across a picture of some that he suspects says something similar to what he's looking for. Unfortunately, as it's a picture and not text, we have no idea how to look it up and check.
I've seen this community referenced a few times over on little_details a couple times, and I was hoping you guys could tell us what it means.
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Edit: That was really fast, thanks. :)

Tourist German/Italian for the employee

Hey all,

I work in a museum, and a lot of German, French, and Italian-speaking tourists come in. [I live in America, by the way.] I speak Spanish and an okay level of French, but I'm not so good on the Italian and German. I can read/write Italian fairly well, but I, for some unknown reason, have issues pronouncing Italian. I really don't know any German at all. What I'm wondering is, does anyone know if it would be beneficial to learn tourist-type Italian/German so that I could talk to some of these tourists in their native language? Would they appreciate it? I mean, I've been meaning to learn German and Italian pronunciation anyways. But would it be worth it to try to learn some tourism-related stuff?

And slightly off-topic, but there was a French couple that came in a few weeks ago who seemed really surprised that I was American and spoke French [and Spanish; I accidentally slipped something in Spanish in there *whoops*]. Has anyone else ever run in to this? I know that the stereotype about Americans is that they only speak English [you know, that "What do you call someone who speaks three langauges? [Trilingual] Two? [Bilingual] One? [American]" joke], but has anyone else had a similar experience?