October 7th, 2007


gay supportive phrases in other languages

Hey, it's Coming Out Week at my university and each year the GSA chalks gay positive phrases onto the campus sidewalks. I'd like to do this in front of the languages building with phrases in various languages.

Here's a sample of things I'm looking for:
-Christian who supports gay rights
-Smile if you're Bi!
-Transgender IS normal
-Loves Sees No Gender
-Ally and proud of it
-Sexuality is a spectrum; celebrate diversity
-Gender is fluid, not binary
-Straight but not narrow
-civil rights is a family value

I'm not looking for translations (although if they aren't awkward sounding, be my guest and offer them!), more phrases in different languages along the same vein that one could use in support of the queer community and queer-supportive people. ESPECIALLY if they are catchy or clever or funny. I'd also really appreciate phrases in the more widely spoken languages at my school; Spanish, French, Russian, German, Swedish. Vielen Dank!

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Cool thing about Linguistics classes is that you can sort of apply what you're learning to a language you're trying to become proficient in. Ahem. Our prof was discussing the caused-motion construction last week and I realized I don't know how to properly, grammatically express this idea in French. So, for my own learning I was hoping I could get someone to translate these phrases taken from O'Grady's textbook so I can figure out how it works.

1. Seymour pushed the truck off the table.
2. Mabel moved the car into the garage.
3. Perry pulled the dog into the swimming pool.

4. Boris sneezed the handkerchief right across the room.
5. The judges laughed the poor guy out of the room.
6. Morley squeezed the shirt into the suitcase.

I'm not sure if this has something to do with my earlier requests on Motion verbs (the different combinations of expressing motion, manner and path). I have a feeling they will be structurally similar, but... I dunno. =(
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Is anyone familiar with the AP Spanish test?

I'm in the highest level of Spanish offered at my school. I'm supposed to take the Spanish Language AP Test at the end of the year. Now, no one in the past few years at my school has passed an AP language exam (partially because only a few people take it, partially because the teachers are haphazard), but I'd really like to pass so I can exempt myself from repeating or having to go test myself out of some Spanish in college. Can anyone recommend a review book, especially one with a with an audio CD? Or, does anyone know of some decent online or audio CD listening exercises? Something where you listen to a passage or a short conversation and then you have to answer a few questions on it.

more Arabic help...

I feel like I ask more Arabic questions than anybody. :(

I have to ask about this though because it's about me and I don' tknow what it says:

mara wa7da harold shoo hal sha2feh? il muhem hal soorah shetek il jdadida bitjanen il plastic surgery kteer mneeh. mein il doctor so i can go next. yella habibti will talk to u soon.

I'm the Harold mentioned...

Any idea?
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freak out

The other day I heard something that sounded like no se escampen which in context seemed to have meant "don't freak out" or similar. I could easily have misheard, as that's seems like a really weird stretch to get such an idiom out of of escampar, so can someone think of something else that might have been said?

What expressions do you use/have you heard for "freak out" in your Spanish-speaking areas? I've heard no te dejes llevar por el pánico quite a bit but I'm wondering about something more colloquial-ish and that can be used in a fun way too. Thoughts?
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Interlingual homoantonyms

I'm looking for cases of interlingual homonymy-antonymy, like the following:

Czech čerstvý 'fresh' - Ukrainian черствий 'stale'
Japanese (yama) 'mountain' - Ukrainian яма 'pit'

Could anyone suggest any more? (any pair of languages is welcome)
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What language?

Hi everyone, brand new member here.

Can anyone tell me what language this is? "REŢETA MAKROPULOS"


ETA: Romanian-to-English translation software translates REŢETA as Network, but does not translate any of the other words on the page - can anyone link me to a site with a better translator?

Other word on the same page (which is apparently credits for a play or movie?): Teatrul 'Toma Caragiu' - Ploieşti, autor, traducător, regie, scenograf decor, asistent scenograf, and distribuţie.

ETA 2: It is definitely Romanian - thanks everyone!