October 5th, 2007

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I'm trying to understand the difference between the various nasals and liquids. According to the usual source, we have

ന /n̪/

ര /ɾ/ (alveolar tap)
ന /n/
റ /r/ (alveolar trill)
ല /l/

ര /ɻ/ (approximant)
ള /ɭ/

But according to Omniglot, ര is a dental trill and റ is an alveolar trill.

Who's right? Or are these both acceptable variants? AIUI in spoken Tamil, there is no difference between the sounds written ர and ற, is it the same in Malayalam? I have some books on learning Malayalam, but they don't help at all.


Another "place the diacritic" question

A week or so ago, I asked you clever Serbo-Croat speakers about diacritics on song titles. This time the titles are in Romanian. Everything I can find on the net seems to suggest there are no diacritics, but I find that hard to believe, although that's only based on a sense that there are lots of diacritics in Romanian. I don't speak a word of it.
The titles are as follows:

Album title: Ceasul aducerii-aminte
1. Valea plangerii
2. Sunt munti si paduri
3. Luna preste varfuri
4. Strasnic neamul meu
5. Tara de dincolo de varfuri de brad
6. Napraznica goana
7. Bucovina, inima mea

I can add the English translations for the titles that I've found if they're necessary (i.e. a word might mean one thing with a diacritic and another without).

Thanks in advance.

Italian question: farsela addosso

Hey guys,

Can anyone tell me what the Italian expression "farsela addosso" means?

I've looked in every source I can think of, but I don't understand it. The online dictionary De Mauro says that it means "farsela sotto", but I don't understand that either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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