September 27th, 2007


Buna ziua!

My husband and I are heading off to Romania for vacation next week and neither of us speak any Romanian. Before then, I'd like to become familiar with pronunciation of a few basic words and phrases (please, thank you, local wine). Can anyone recommend a website that might help me? I'd also appreciate any tips anyone can give about being a tourist in Romania, linguistic or otherwise.

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Trying not to make another boring "How do you say" post... but I have to ask because I'm not fond of the language in question. 

What I'm looking for, is REALLY cheesy Spanish pickup lines.  It's for a friend of mine who's loving the Spanish language, and I wanted to do something creative for her Birthday.  I'm looking for something that's equivalent to "Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?".  I would also love a literal translation, as well. 

Thanks muchly!

Help with German genders

I’m taking German and was wondering if there were any tricks to the genders of nouns or if it’s just memorization? I noticed a few patterns, e.g. nouns ending in -e tended to be feminine, nouns ending in other vowels tended to be neuter, nouns ending in -er were often masculine … are there any other tricks like this?

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more latin help? ;_;

I was trying to come up with a title of no more than two words.

I wanted to combine "in excelsis deo" with freedom, "liber"
I realise a three word combination is going to be my best bet.
If possible, i would like to strip deo/dei/god from the title.

libertas in excelsis
libertas in excelsium
liber in excelsis

and "freedom in the highest" was  the closest i came to.. though im not sure 'libertas in excelsis' is legit.
"Prosperitas in excelsis" however, is.. so i'm wondering if i'm on the right track?

I obviously have little knowledge of latin (and have commented a few sorry to anyone who is getting annoying with these posts)
so again, any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi there, I'm a seeing English speaking individual, and I'm interested in learning Braille. Has anyone else here like me gone out and learned to read Braille, if so how, and why?

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In my German text book there are some lovely charts that explain certain aspects of grammar, and I thought it would be nice to somehow have copies on my mall above my desk so I can easily look up and find certain things. I could probably type it up, but I'm awful with formatting things on Word. I was hoping that there might be a website that has a variety of charts explaining different aspects of German grammar?
I am a beginner German student so I'm not looking for anything too advanced.

I am also interested in the same thing for French.

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So I'm taking my first semester of Japanese, and today we learned the hiragana は、ひ、ふ、へ、ほ (ha, hi, hu, he, ho). Our instructor was talking about pronunciation and noted that Japanese speakers make the 'h' sound with their ears. This was of course a joke (she went on to describe how to practice it: if your hair puffs out you're pronouncing it correctly), but I started to think about it some more after class. The ears are connected to the pharynx, after all. So:

1. Was my instructor's comment about ear pronunciation in Japanese based in any kind of truth?

2. Are there any languages that involve the ears in speech production?



I’m twenty-two years old girl from Poland. I study Polish literature and I’m very interested in languages, their history, etymology and connection between them. I know English good enough (I hope so) and Latin (I’ve just translated a small biography from XVI/XVII century from Latin to Polish). I also know German a little and learn Italian.

I suppose I can learn something interesting from this community so I’m glad I can join it.