September 14th, 2007

latin translation possible?

Thankyou to everyone who helped me with translation in my previous post.
I have come up with another dilemma and wanted to know how this would  be translated into latin:

                              The freedom complex

Any help or guideline would be appreciated. Thankyou!
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Music as a language

I've been having an ongoing discussion with my partner. He says that music is a language, and I say that it isn't. Now, I majored in linguistics and I'm studying speech pathology in grad school, so I have various different definitions of language handy...and yet I'm having trouble finding one that would discount music. Even though music certainly doesn't have all the usual features of language (words, etc.) it still fits some of my current available definitions.

It feels so obvious to me that music is NOT language, and yet I can't seem to disprove it in our discussions. What do you think? Arguments either way? Thanks!
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Finntroll - Skrymer


Now, I'm just dabbling in languages as a hobby. I've been having trouble with the Alveolar Trill, which might not be a surprise judging only by the number of results I see on google.

While "google" does have some good tips, I was wondering, is it anything like flutter tonguing in playing Woodwinds? Or is it just fleeting similarity?

At the height of my flute playing, I was able to produce flutter tonguing with relative ease, if I warmed up. So, if I was to practice the same techniques making in an "r" sound instead of a flapping sound, would I create an Alveolar Trill?

I would really love any personal anecdotes about learning the Alveolar trill.