September 4th, 2007


WTF mistranslation

I know no East/South-East Asian languages whatsoever, so I haven't the faintest idea about this one... But I was amused by the following image from the facebook group "Funny English Signs" (below the cut for delicate sensibilities because the -- presumed -- mistranslation could conceivably offend, but probably won't). The question is, whilst I assume there is probably enough of the original there to allow for identification of the original language, can anyone tell what it was about/what it said? And does anyone have any idea how they managed to arrive at that particular English rendering?

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Any ideas?
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Re[e]d Sea

the original name of the Red Sea is Reed Sea ים סוף [yam suph].
i read somewhere [or heard] that the nowadays widely known name [in many languages] arose from the misspelling of the name [two e's -> one e]. but it seemed funny that it happened in English - English was not always the world language.

according to Wikipedia, the redness of the sea is visible in many ancient names as well, so maybe there were no misspelling at all?


"the Septuagint translation of the book of Exodus from Hebrew into Koine, in which Hebrew Yam suph (ים סוף), meaning Reed Sea, is translated as Erythra Thalassa (Red Sea)."

i don't understand it - is it so that in Greek the word for 'reed' was similar to the word for 'red'?

thanks for any comments.

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French Word Help?

I'm reading a trashy novel from the 60s about truck drivers in Africa on the trail of their friend who's stolen a lorryload of stuff, and am learning a great amount of "useful" vocab related to driving and parts of trucks and the like, also having fun reading some colourful scenes amongst the truckers and locals, including one character whose main claim to fame is his huge penis, which he delights in displaying & also comparing to the parts of other truckers... this "talent" has earned him the nickname Gatz-à-Gatz - so what does gatz mean?

The book is 100.000 dollars au soleil by Claude Veillot, if anyone's curious :)
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Spanish computer talk

Hello, I'm here to ask for some Spanish help.  I'm going to be working in Costa Rica as a "website specialist", and while I speak Spanish okay, I've never had to deal with it in a computer context.  I'm not even sure what "website" is in castellano (oh hey, it's "sitio web"). Can anyone out there recommend a book or pamphlet or something that gives a decent rundown of Spanish equivalents of "double click" and such?  All I need is vocabulary, really.  I know, I should also try setting my computer to Spanish too, though it's a bastard typing the non-English letters on Windows and on an English keyboard.  Still, I'm definitely going to do that also.  I'm trawling through the Spanish wikipedia right now, but there must be something better out there (i.e., something comprehensive that I can read away from the computer).

While I'm at it, is there anything special about Costa Rican Spanish I should know about?  Something on the level of not using coger in the US?  I'm already aware of the differences between Spain and Latin America, I just want to know about the Costa Rican context.

Anyway, thanks for whatever help  anyone out there can provide.

A few phrases in Russian

Hello everyone,

I have a quick request. My boyfriend was born in Russia and his birthday is coming up, and since we're apart right now (I just moved for grad school), I wanted to add a little note to his card with some Russian phrases to make it a little more personal. If any of you could translate any or all of the following, that would be wonderful!

Happy birthday
I love you
I miss you

If you could think of a clever way to string those all together, that's even better! I think the transliterated version would be best since his Cyrillic isn't that great, but if you could provide that too that'd be cool just for reference.

Thanks SO MUCH!!!

PS: his nickname is Sasha... how is that written in Cyrillic?


If God wills it, I may be going to Bregenz, Austria next year.

Can anybody tell me about the kind of German they speak there? I've heard that it's difficult even for nothern Germans to understand, so I'm kind of apprehensive.

"May peace be in the world"

Hello! I've been a member of this community for a long time. I've never been very fond of "how do you say" posts, so I'm sorry to be making one. Still, this one is for something I think is a good cause, so I would really appreciate some help.

September 21 is Peace Day. Here in Chicago we will be having a march of the world flags and wishing for peace in each country. I'd like to know how to say "May peace be in the world" in as many languages as possible. Any languages would be really welcome. If the language is not written in a Roman script, please write, if possible, it in its original form and provide a transliteration.

Thank you very much!
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Brazilian Proverb - Help, please?

Hello everyone.

I just caught the last few minutes of one of those CSI shows on German TV and one of the characters said a Brazilian proverb (or something similiar) which expresses that there is a (hint of) sadness overshadowing happy memories. (The context on the show was the sadness following a beloved person's death overshadowing the happy moments you shared with them.)

It sounded as if it were one word or two. Maybe the first one was sao or something that is similar and the second one (if it's not just one word) sounded rather Italian to me, like duce (leader, from the Latin word dux) maybe. Unfortunately I know nothing about Portuguese and the way words are pronounced in that language, so it's just an attempt to find something that sounded similiar.

I tried checking the internet for Brazilian proverbs, but unfortunately didn't find anything, so maybe someone here can make sense of my pathetic attempt to recreate the words. Any help would be appreciated. :)