August 28th, 2007


Cantonese/Mandarin help

Okay, Need some help. I'm creating a character, a super-hero type character, who can shape-shift into 4 different forms - Tiger, Dragon, Shark and Ferret. The character herself if half chinese, and her power comes from (initially) a necklace she wears of the chinese-style carved Tiger.

Anyways, what I'm looking for is a name. I'd like her super-hero name to be Cantonese or Mandarin, doesn't matter which because I havn't decided/it isn't really important where in china she's from.

I've been trying various translators online, but they're not really giving me a translation in the emglish alphabet, and I of course, cannot read chinese. First and most importantly, it has to be EASY to say. Which is possibly the hardest part. But having a name being 6 sylables, well, it doesn't really work. I don't care how many sylables the translation is, the name just has to be easy to say. The most important meaning of the name, HAS to do something with 4. Since she has 4 forms. Obviously. I'd like the other part of her name to do with something along the lines of her being a guardian, or a fighter, or even alluding to the 4 directions or... really, anything.

I'm probably way out on a limb here, but I figured you guys are the best place to ask. =)

I'm working on a picture of her dragon-form right now, if anyone's interested, I can post it when it's done.


EDIT: In addition to this question, what are the most commonly used characters (and english spelling) of the animals Tiger, Shark, Dragon and Ferret? I've looked them up, but for Tiger and Shark there are multiple entries, and no explaination as to which is more common, for me, Dragon only provided a surname, and Ferret was non-existant.
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Bit of a stretch, but any help is appreciated

Well, first you guys need the back stories and the reason why I'm asking for help. My parents bought a blue RV and my dad's been calling it Blue Elephant. 

My older brother, when he was small, called elephants 'tanu' (pronounced tan-oo). My parents have no clue where the word came from, but now dad wants to know since he's planning on naming the RV 'Blue Tanu'.

He's asked that I try and find out if the word 'tanu', meaning something to do with elephants, really exists, or if it was just one of those childhood naming oddities.

I figured if anyone knew, you guys would.

I've tried to find it with google, but so far all I've found is an Indian (Hindu, Punjabi? What's the right word to use?) name, 'Tanu'.
We don't know if he could have gotten it from a television show or movie and we really have no idea on how it would be spelled since the sound could be written in many ways. Tannu, Tanuu, Tanoo, etc.

Really, any help would be great and I appreciate anything you guys might have.


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The coffee shop at my university has a board announcing some coffee-related concoction called "yüje", which is, according to the sign, pronounced "like 'you' with a J-sound on the end". Googling this word turns up nothing that I can see. Is this an actual word/name of coffee drink in some language, or is it just part of the umlauts-make-everything-cooler phenomenon? I tend to doubt that it's real, since they also serve something called a "Faux Shizzle".

Swedish negations

I started learning Swedish almost 10 years ago but haven't been a very good student apparently, it's more of a passive language for me, and there's one thing that keeps bothering me: the difference between inte, icke and ej. From what I've gathered I'd say inte is used with verbs and icke with nouns (?? or not) but what about ej? I've seen traffic signs that start with "Gäller ej" and some labels on food products say "Innehåller ej havre" (for example) but if I were constructing that sentence I'd say "Gäller/Innehåller inte..." Obviously this doesn't hinder me from understanding Swedish but when speaking or writing myself I have no idea which negation to use.
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Korean pronunciation resources

I am being beat down, and then stomped upon, by Korean's tense consonants. I'm looking for some resources that will help me practice outside of class. (The textbook we're using doesn't really explain anything and didn't come with audio, which I really want.)

So, does anyone have any recommendations for introductions to these consonants? I'd prefer something online, because I'm cheap, but if you're a fan of a particular program then I'll look into it if I continue to have trouble.
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English education

I'm from Norway and my high school major is English. Right now I'm working on an assignment about how English is taught in other countries where English is not an official or administrative language.
I'm in desperate need of people to answer some questions.
The best would be to get someone from Estonia, but people from other countries are fine as well, only I need it really fast, within a few hours.
Could anyone please, please help me out here? Just a few simple questions about English education in your country.
The questions I need answered are behind the cut, now they are written as if I am speaking to an Estonian person, so if you're not Estonian, just pretend it says your country instead. Also, if you're not Estonian, please write what country you're from.

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Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!

How many languages can you learn at the same time?

Hi here! I'm organizing my timetable for next course, and I'm a bit confused with languages. I'll explain to you my situation ;)

- I'm bilingual Catalan and Spanish.
- I'm studying English, the "Proficiency"  Cambridge level, at the language school.
- I want to teach myself German (I studied it for 4 years but then I stopped for 5 years...)
- I want to teach myself French, more similar to Catalan and Spanish ^^U (I studied it for the first time last year).
- I'd like to learn some Swedish, but just for a trip I'm doing in December, not as seriously as German and French.

Thinking a bit, maybe that's too much, and I should rethink the whole situation... I mean, I do like languages, but I'm not Superman ^^U What's your opinion? How many languages (different levels or the same ones) can you learn at the same time? This is a risky question because maybe you can carry a lot more at the same time XDDD

Thanks for reading this boring question! ;P
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