August 13th, 2007

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The sound of a Language

Been watching the community for a while, and I think it's the best place to ask this question. 

To non-native speakers of English, what does English sound like in general to you?

To explain what I mean, the general sound of Farsi is angry and frantic.  Not knowing the language, I don't know how much intonation plays, and I can't generally tell if the speaker is talking about mundane things, or ranting and raving about how he or she got that parking ticket yesterday.  Since I am a native English speaker, I don't know what English sounds like to native speakers of other languages.  (Farsi used as an example, because I grew up with a friend who spoke Farsi with her family, and it's the language that I hear and get the tone wrong most often. XD)

While I'm at it, I'd also like to hear what you all think about what different languages sound like to your ears. 

Thanks. :)
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I am an english Latin and Greek student and am doing both for A level, which is the qualification for 18 year olds before they head to university in England. I have just done an intensive and very exhaustive two week ancient greek training camp with 314 other people of my age. 

I got back on saturday and on sunday I read the morning papers to find a small  (inappropriately so) article on the exam board OCR's decision to scrap the Ancient Greek, Latin, Classical Civilisation (and poss. Ancient History which has been endangered for a long while) A levels. 

And then amalgamate them into one A level. The idea is that then you can study greek or latin as far as you want, or only concentrate on the class civ side of things BUT YOU CAN'T DO THEM TO AN APPROPRIATE DEPTH. Now, instead of having high standard knowledge of greek and/or latin, you can have a low standard knowledge or greek/latin with a small knowledge of the other language and class civ. 

I am spitting feathers, I am frothing at the mouth, I am growling, I am seeing red, I am hyperventilating from rage, in short, I am miffed. There is now a Facebook group "Petition for Keeping Separate Classics A levels!". Please join if you have facebook.

The universities are saying that now the A level will not allow the students to attain a high enough standard and that their first year will be a massive step up. 

I know England is much smaller than the USA and you are probably thinking that "one exam board stops it, so what? Pick another." There isn't really another! Classics is being pushed to extinction.

I can only hope the Sunday Times got it wrong.
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Now this has recently started to bug me, I'm quite sure my journal title is grammatically wrong. Please help, which one is grammatically correct:

1. The one who loves watching TV.
2. The one that loves watching TV.
3. The one who loves to watch TV.

'One' is referring to a person.

Or if you know of another way to say it that is actually right, please do share.