August 5th, 2007

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How would you spell that nickname?

Say someone's name is Diggory, how would you write out his nickname? Dig or Digg?

I know it's perhaps a strange question, but it's something that's giving me a lot of grief. I'd normally say Dig, but as it's also a word I'm leaning towards Digg... except for the fact that it just looks plain wrong to me. So, any input will be much appreciated!
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I read asofterworld and in the blog beneath the comic, the photographer posted a description of this link to the Speech Accent Archive
I do not know if anyone has posted this here before. I like it because I love hearing different people talk, but I figured I would share it to this community because it is very interesting. It has a great multitude of people from different places of the world and different language backgrounds speaking English. A few of the links do not have sounds, but it is amazing how much there are.

okay, so if you go to the link, do you think you sound like the person reading the paragraph who also speaks your native language as theirs as well? There is also 231 samples of English, so it's not just people with English not as their first language.
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learning spanish on a budget

- recommendations for inexpensive/online spanish resources? i don't need any big, fancy audio kits. i'm starting from square one but i don't want to buy 10 books--i want an exercise book that covers everything without being too dry. something accessible and practical, but also thorough and comprehensive.
- speaking of which, i love the ultimate review & practice books for french (of which there are one two). how are the spanish ones?
- cheap spanish conjugation guides? i like larousse's conjugaison de poche for french, which is a $30 bescherelle in a $5 suit... but i know that some of the cheaper conjugation guides are a mess.
- latin & castillan are the same when written, right? how mutually intelligible are they when spoken?

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