July 30th, 2007


Intonation in Spanish

One of the things that made the most noticeable difference in my Russian and how it was recieved was learning the "IK" system (intonation contours.) I think intonation plus a decent accent can make up for a lot of things, perhaps makes one sound more like a competent speaker than good grammar, even.

So I'm wondering: anyone know if there's a good, practical (i.e. not someone's dissertation with lots of statistical stuff) book on Spanish intonation? Or perhaps a good book on Spanish phonetics that devotes a chapter or two to intonation?


[ETA: a native speaker informs me Russian has no intonation, which is just fascinating, but let's assume Spanish has.]

How do I say...?


Could somebody please tell me how to say 'I am a vegetarian' in Turkish? My travelguide has all kinds of useful words and phrases, just not that one :(

Also, if anybody has any good tips on veggie food in Istanbul, that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any help,


So in Europe, there is this annual competition called Eurovision. If you're unaware and interested in it, visit wikipedia. Then visit youtube.

Ukraine got 2nd this year after sending on highly contreversial Verka Serduchka, a drag queen.

Although I must say at first I was not a fan of the video, which can be seen on youtube, I now have had it STUCK IN MY HEAD lol. On wiki it says that it's sung in four languages, English, Russian, Ukrainian and German.

My question; WHAT is s/he saying? I know the English, the russian says to dance well, where is the...? but that's about all I got. Plus the lyrics I attached are not in the irght alphabets, at least not all of them. So thanks for any help
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ps. any other eurovision fans out there? whether in actual bands or just the concept?

cool website


I randomly came across this website today. I'm sure that it may have been posted before at some time in this community, but perhaps someone who hasn't seen it before will find it interesting. It has a bunch of sound clips of people speaking English in different parts of the world, and its really fascinating to hear how the way the same story can change so dramatically in sound depending on who is relaying it.