July 28th, 2007




I was wondering if someone could be so kind as to translate "Cherry" and "My Love" from English to Russian? In letters from the english alphabet, not letters from the russian alphabet. 

Thank you so much!

Mixed Etymology

You know how there are some words in English that have roots from more than one language; for example, both Latin and Greek? I know they exist. Can anyone give me some examples? Also, isn't there a word for this phenomenon? What is it?


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I'm writing a response to a recent article in my local newspaper. The columnist wrote a long, drawn-out, psuedo-satirical piece about the word "crunk" being included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary (oh, the horrors. Hide the children *eye roll*). My favorite part was when he wrote the phonetic transcription as \?kr??k\ because his computer apparently doesn't support IPA. lol Second favorite is when he says the OED will never include such a word and if it ever does, the Apocalypse will begin. Which is why I'm posting this here: maybe I just fail at the internet, but I can't look up words on the OED online. I'm almost positive "crunk" is included there, but I'd like for someone to confirm that for me (because unlike the columnist, who is, ironically enough, the news editor, I like to know what I'm talking about). Thanks so much!