July 27th, 2007

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Universal language and greek

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So my boyfriend and I are huge Science Fiction dorks and writers. I'm (obviously) a bit of a language nerd.

last night we were discussing the repercussions of the emergence of a "universal" language for Earth.
He argues that the emergence of a universal language would erode native culture and possibly render it obscure. His reasoning is that language is an inherent part of culture and that the appearance of a universal language (especially one derived from a language currently in place) will decrease the need for native language to the point of obscurity.

I argue that there is room for both native and "universal" (weather that ends up being English, or Mandarin or whatever ) culture/ language


separately, I've been trying to learn enough greek to so that when i go there in a month i'm not lost/ don't look stupid. I was wondering if anyone knew any good radio stations/ tapes/ cds/ websites that could help with pronunciation?
also any tips on learning an entirely new alphabet?

Thanks for your help and thanks for indulging my philosophizing.
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Vietnamese names?

Hi, everyone! I'm trying to pronounce two names, and I think they're Vietnamese.


Can anyone give me a non-IPA guide to how these might be pronounced? I wish I were fluent in IPA but, alas, I have yet to study it in-depth.

Thanks very much in advance!

EDIT: Thanks! I think I have enough to go on. I'll have to ask in person, but this should help!! :D
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I'm currently looking into colleges, and I'm contemplating over my choices for what I want to study. I know that I want to do something with language... and I was curious, for those of you who have majored in something language related in college, or know anything about it, what your feelings are on linguistics as a course, or majoring in a language itself. I know a girl who majored in Spanish her first year, but said it was basically like majoring in English ..i.e., lots of literature, and analyzing it, and stuff, so she switched to linguistics for the next three years. From the little that I know about linguistics, it seems very interesting, but I don't really know all that encompasses it as a course. I also don't really know what job opportunities come with it, minus becoming a professor of it. So I'm also curious as to what other language-related jobs there are out there besides teaching, since thats the biggest option I know of.



hay I would like a tattoo in a language I know nothing about pls, just as long as it looks cool can you guys help me out??

preference goes to Mystical languages ; )