July 12th, 2007


The obligatory new-person introduction post.

Hello, my name's Aislinn (I pronounce it Aze-linn, which I know is technically a mispronunciation, but I couldn't pronounce it properly when I was small).

I love languages. I am a native English speaker, and learnt basic conversational Bahasa Indonesia for most of my school-life (up untill year 11). I also absolutely adore German as a language, and have been teaching myself bits and pieces over the last couple of months.

I'm studying psychology, and I recently completed a unit on language, which was one of the more fascinating topics we've covered so far.

That's pretty much me. Oh, I also like to learn new and obscure words to use in everyday conversation, and am very much opposed to "netspeak" and the like.

I hope to be able to learn alot from this community, and maybe even help other people out too, if I'm lucky.

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What's a Mandarin Chinese name for the Mandarin/ミカン/瓯柑 orange fruit which has the reading "logān" (unsure of the tone on lo)? I heard this term used quite some time ago and I've been wondering what the corresponding hanzi are ever since. Google is no help. Thank you.

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Language learners:

Do you have a system for organizing your vocabulary? I'm feeling so overwhelmed with literally piles of papers covered in words all over the floor. I try to limit myself to one vocabulary notebook, but I compulsively collect them and always end up with notebook after notebook filled with random vocabulary.

The only really helpful thing I do is to organize lists of words by theme: the human body, household items, foods, etc. I then place them on the wall until they're thoroughly memorized.

I also list verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc. seperately. Although verbs tend to be the thing I write down most often so the list quickly grows really long.


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So at work today, I was really bored and starting think about languages that had click phonemes in them and so I thought I would ask, is there a language where you can say "I can't breathe!" entirely in clicks? Since ya know... you don't have to be able to breathe to make a click.

I'm not as odd as I seem. My job is just really, really boring. haha