July 11th, 2007

Pere Calders

New member of this community

I am new in this community. Now I proceed to do the official presentation, as it is asked at the user info page:

I am a Catalan native speaker from Barcelona. 
I speak Spanish fluently. 
I can also have conversations in English and French in a quite fluent way, but I make lot of mistakes in both languages (this will be specially obvious just reading this post)
I can also have a conversation in Italian (I self taught this beautiful language a bit) and follow quite well a conversation in nearly all Romance language, as almost bilingual Romance speakers does (the easiest more me are Occitan-out the interests here, even to be the one of the most important language in the poetry in the Mediterranean area, along some centuries of the European middle age-, Sicilian, Galician-also another nonexistent in user info page-  and Portuguese. On the other hand, Romanian is for me the most difficult to understand)
I can serve you any drink and use some common phrases (really few) and the numbers in German and Dutch (I was waiter when I was young ) 

I love languages in general: there are no language without interest to my ears and I think that each time a language die is so horrible as when any specie of animal disappears.

I join this community, after some weeks seriously thinking about if I had to do it. I didn't want join a community when prejudices and any kind of cultural aggressions were the daily bread: I have enough ignorance to swallow in my daily life by the linguistic question. But, after [info]graeco_celt joined the community and informed me here aren't that kind of sterile arguments I decided to do the final step.

My only disappointment is that my own language isn't one of the interests in the user info page. I can understand it is impossible to mention all the languages of the world but, straight reading the list, isn't just a help to make me have some initial prevention: how is possible that in a community dedicated to the love for languages (with a true army of maintainers) doesn't have the language of the city of Barcelona and people such Ramon Llull, Salvador Dalí, Antoni Gaudí or Montserrat Caballé (to just put some topical and nearly folkloric examples) isn't there? Let me be a bit self defensive, sorry; I can try to be a bit more open minded each day but I am not totally stupid.

Anyway, I hope all you have a very good day.

Doctors Everywhere!


I am a native English speaker from West Virginia, USA. Currently I'm in South Carolina, USA, studying at college with a major in English and a minor in French.

Come September, I'll be in Winchester, UK, for one semester of study abroad. During that time I also plan to do my fair share of country hopping in mainland Europe.

I've been studying French for about five sporadic years, but am also interested in learning German and Russian.

So, that being said, this looked like an excellent group to get involved in, and I'm always interested in talking to people from other countries.

Spanish good-luck sayings

I have a co-worker who's changing jobs [same company, different city] and
we want to get her a cake. She's always full of dichos y refranes
that her mother used to say, does anyone know a good Spanish saying wishing
someone good luck?

If not, I could just get one that says «¡Enhorabuena y buena suerte!» or
something but I'd love to have something really cute for her. Or maybe even
just the start of a saying.


Heya, I’m soon going to be taking a trip to the Philippines I also have many friends who speak Tagalog and I was just wondering if someone could teach me the language (obviously not all of it, but just a few phrases and words, I do know a bit already but I’m unable to make sentences with what I know) salamat x
Kirsty and Kyle

New here

Hello everyone,
I'm Kirsty (pronounced kers-stee [cursed tea]), from Australia. I come from an English family, and only currently speak English. During school I did study some Bahasa Indonesian, but I am far from fluent in it.
I've always felt a strong connection with the French language. Next year, once I have finished high school, I plan on finally getting French lessons, and learning it to the best of my ability (I would start now, but the Australian school year starts in Feb). I hope to visit Quebec over the Australian summer 2008/2009, or 2009/2010, depending on if I can afford it.
I'm looking forward to meeting some people who are in love with language as much as I am.
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New here

I'm a 15 year old girl from Germany. Well, so german is the language I natively speak^^
I have been speaking english for 5 years now, I think, just what you learn at school, but I also like to watch movies in english or read english books...
I also speak a little french, also just from school but I have already been to France for two times on a school exchange.