July 6th, 2007


'Rolling your ankle'

In an RP I'm in, one of the characters just sprained her ankle after tripping over something, and I said that she 'rolled her ankle' (rather than 'sprained' or 'twisted', just because 'rolled' came to mind first when I imagined writing the scene). Anyway, I was wondering if that is an appropriate verb to use to describe that sort of event. I know that I picked it up somewhere, but I'm not sure if it's correct or archaic or an uncommon word choice. Has anyone else heard 'roll' used in this way before?


So, hello all. Since I am very interested in languages (okay, lets call it a 'serious infatuation'...right, I admit, it´s more of an addiction) I thought this is the right place to join.
Name is Manuela, 27, living in Hamburg/Germany.
My German is fluent, so should my Croatian be as I grew up bilingual, but lack of practice let it get awfully rusty. I´ve had 4 years of Latin and am now learning Norwegian (still a beginner). On my 'languages to learn' list there are also Italian and Finnish, and I love the English language.
I am always interested in exchange, I enjoy helping others with German (though I don´t like the language very much and think it´s quite complicated, but people who actually want to learn it impress me). So feel free to contact me (see contact information in my user profile).
Introductions are not really what I feel I´m good at...anyway, hallo!
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Bahasa Indonesia?

Hi, all.

A friend of mine is looking to take an intensive 2-week course on Bahasa Indonesia this August. Ideally, he wanted to take a course in Jakarta so he can immerse himself in the language, but is also open to taking a class in Sydney. He's currently at level 1 and needs to be at level 2.

I was wondering if anyone could refer reputable courses/tutors? The internet is hit and miss, and I'd prefer that he go to someone with references.

Thanks so much!


On other news:

I speak english and filipino (tagalog) fluently, and some spanish and french. Apparently, I may have to learn some bahasa indonesia soon, too. Happy to help in any way I can.

Language/Music clip

I'm a clarinetist, and I came across this clip on YouTube of a folk clarinetist. Aside from the extremely different style of clarinet playing and the fact that he probably is using an instrument in G... I was curious about what country is this from? Or more importantly, what language is it in?


I like the music, and am wondering what they are saying as well as what the woman is singing.
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Introduction and a Question...

Ok, well, I've been lurking around this community long enough, I suppose it's time to step out of the shadows... My name is Amelia and I live in Maine. I'm eighteen and I've been taking Japanese for two years, and I'm planning on making it my major when I head off to college in the fall. I took spanish for four years, but dropped it and since have forgotten nearly everything I ever learned about it. I think that's everything...

And now, my question:

How would one go about writing/saying "Three days of fire" in Chinese? Preferably Mandarin and Cantonese, but one or the other would be great. I really have no experience at all with Chinese, though it's next on my list of languages to look into, so you'll probably be seeing a lot more of me in the future!

Thanks so much in advance!