July 4th, 2007

german grammar - help please!

hi guys,

just wondering if you had any advice on the best way to approach the german grammar rules for the four noun cases, as easily and simply as possible! i find myself feeling very overwhelmed with it and not sure if i'm understanding it the right way. am i right in reasoning this much: that basically in any sentence, you have to make sure you replace the articles of the nouns, depending on whether they are a direct object or indirect? and once you do this, does that remain the same for the noun even in past tense and future tense? also, how would you inflect the adjectives accordingly?

also, a second question: whenever you use a sentence that deals with two verbs, do you always stick the 'gerund' verb at the end? so like, the sentence 'i like to play the piano' would this be Ich mochte or Ich mag Klavier spielen?

thanks so much guys!