July 3rd, 2007

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arabic phonetics

anyone have a simple list of the IPA symbols used in standard arabic?


[b] [k] [∫] [d] [f] [g] [ʒ]

(i'm specifically looking for overlap between french and arabic... what phonemes they share, and what french phonemes arabic lacks. i'm sifting through wikipedia at the moment, but it's pretty slow and arduous considering i'm looking for maybe ten symbols.)

Introductory Post - and a Question.

Hi, I go by razorsmile around here and I know English and Igbo fluently. My French is minimal to non-existent, my Spanish marginally better.

Um, that's about it.


Now the question: I was listening to a Lord Dunsany story called "The Worm and the Angel" last night. The eponymous characters have a brief conversation where the worm boasts of being the end of all things. The angel responds with: "Be dakeon para Thina poluphloisboio Thalassaes." And the worm is defeated.

From context, it's almost certainly something on hope or birth or the beauty of ephemeralness. Still, I'd like a translation if possible. Thanks.

Intro post

Hi all,

I've been lurking here for a few weeks and wanted to de-lurk to say hello.

My native language is American English and I'm fluent in French-French and Latin American Spanish. Also speak British English, French Canadian and Continental Spanish. (I hope that isn't taken as snark, but I know for some people there is a clear distinction and if that's the case here, I wanted to make it.) ;O)

I read Brasilian Portuguese, Italian. I'm working on my fluency in Italian every day. Poco a poco ;O). Dabbled in Gaelic, Papimiento, Creole and a few others as well.

I am fascinated by languages and those who try to bridge the gap of languages to learn from others. Also, music in other languages intrigues me greatly and would love to hear from you and share thoughts.

Aside from languages, I'm a married Mom to two daughters. My oldest has decided that she now wants to learn Spanish or French (or maybe German Mom) after three years of telling me not to speak another language around her, for fear of embarrassment. ::laughs ::

Looking forward to getting to know all of you.


Me ;O)
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a few Spanish questions.

This feels ridiculously simple, but to say "it's like this" to someone (as in, "Okay, it's like this. She hates you. Never talk to her again." or something similar) is it "está como esto(a?/e?)," "es como esto(a?/e?)," or something else?

"Pa'" is short for "para," right? Are there other contractions with this? I swear I saw "pa'l" somewhere.

Is there ever a time when you'd say (definite article) [country name]? I always have this urge to say "la Francia" or "la Argentina," but it doesn't seem right. On the same note, are there any proper nouns that use definite articles in one language but not the other?