June 25th, 2007

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Hello, everyone. It's me, the girl who organised the original linguaphile pen-pal-athon. I thought that after a month, people's interest had run out. But no, it turns out, my inbox decided to spam everything. (Thankyou, random nigerian scam mail person. Without you, this wouldn't of being drawn to my attention.)

So, round two, for everyone who missed out. This is how it works.

You email me the following:

Native/Fluent language:
Languages you want to learn (And your fluency level in them):
Languages you're willing to teach (And your fluency level in them):
The number of penpals you're willing to take:

This is not science. I do my best, but last time I was swamped with 200+ emails, and some of them weren't even in english, so I can't promise 100% accuracy in getting you the best match, I can only promise that i'll try my best to make everyone happy.

My email is: therikkster@hotmail.com

And feel free to share this post on forums/blogs/whatever.

-aught / -ought

For the irregular past tense in English ending in either -aught or -ought, I've worked out this approximation:

If the infinitive contains an a in the appropriate place, then the past tense does, too:
teach - taught
catch - caught

Conversely, the lack of an "a" remains in
think - thought
buy - bought
wring - wrought (I think *g*)

Is there a better version of that rule? Is it even correct?
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For those of you who keep multi-lingual journals, have any of the people on your friends list ever had a problem with it? I write in German/English in mine, keep it pretty much 50/50 so theres something for everyone, and update pretty frequently, but still get those people who complain about even that *eye roll*

Anyone else had problems with this?