June 23rd, 2007

Ataturk and Turkish

Over a game of pool last night, a friend and I discussed what reforms Ataturk brought to Turkish language.  I say he changed the alphabet, but my friend says he created New Turkish, a new language.

What is the truth?  And where is the proof that I can show my friend, whether he's right or wrong?


(no subject)

So i'm going to try to make this make as much sense as I can:

So in English, we often write things when we're mocking people, or just playing around, like saying "Haaaaaiiiiiii" instead of "Hey", or say things like "Wut's up" instead of What's up or "tyte" instead of tight. Such as replacing "i"s with "y"s. We also use numbers like saying SW33T, for instance or add "z"s to the end of words to make it plural instead of "s"s, and repeat letters in words to drag it out, such as "you guys are suuuch bitchezzzzzz" instead of "bitchessssss" and such. And for one last example, when people use things like "u" for you and "y" for "why" etc.

My question is, in other languages, do people do stuff like this, and if so, give some examples!

I've always wondered about this and now I hope to finally get an answer.