June 7th, 2007


Barron's Mastering ________

Hey y'all. I recently purchased Barron's Mastering French, Level 1 after being thoroughly impressed with their Greek program. However, I'm really disappointed with this set. Besides the fact that there are only five lessons, throughout the entire program the 'tu' form is left out; the fact that it exists isn't even mentioned.

Is there a website that discusses the Barron's programs, as in which ones are worth the price and which ones aren't?
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This kid, who is part spanish, though I'm not sure which country or whatever, left a comment on my myspace and it said "mija" in it. What does that mean? I can't find it in my dictionaries. Thanks a ton.
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khmer audio learning?

Hi all! I'm visiting Cambodia in September for about two weeks and wanted to start learning Khmer in preparation.

I hate learning from phrasebooks and was hoping for recommendations for software or CD that could help me out. Suggestions for long courses (along the lines of Pimsleur or Rosetta) are welcome too...

Help with Afrikaans and Chinese

Hi linguaphiles... a few questions for you.

1. A South African friend of mine has leased out his house for a year to tenants who only speak and read Afrikaans. I'm hoping they might forward a letter to him for me. How would I write "Please forward this letter to Mr X" in Afrikaans?

2a. My fiancé has suggested we give any daughter we might have 'Beryl' as a middle name, because it's the name of both my paternal grandmother and his maternal grandmother. I'm not keen on this, partly because I can't shake the old lady associations of Beryl, and partly because my mother's Chinese, and I'd like to give any daughters of mine a Chinese middle name. I'm musing that a good compromise could be to translate 'beryl' (or emerald or suchlike) into Chinese.

My dictionary gives me the literal translation "green precious stone" (绿宝石), which is presumably inappropriate (though would cutting it down to 绿石 be viable?), and poking about in online dictionaries has yielded 翡翠 , which appears to refer to jade rather than beryl and for which the hanyu pinyin is "fěicuì" (actually pronounced something like "fay tsway", but likely to curse any hypothetical daughter living in an English-speaking country with a lifetime of mispronunciation and spelling things out).

Does anyone know of any other words in Chinese which definitely refer to beryl/emeralds as opposed to jade which would be appropriate for use in a girl's name? Could I perhaps combine 翡 with something else?

2b. My mother's family aren't Mandarin speakers, they speak Hokkien, known in China as 闽南话 . This being the case, I could use a romanised Hokkien reading of the characters for my hypothetical daughter's middle name instead of using hanyu pinyin. Does anyone know how 绿石, 翡翠 and any other characters which mean beryl or emerald would sound in Hokkien?