June 2nd, 2007

you can't kill kim jong il!

Hugh Grant kicked out at


"Actor Hugh Grant will not face charges over claims he attacked a photographer with a tub of baked beans and kicked out at him, the Crown Prosecution Service said on Saturday."

"Kick out" means to expel or force someone out, whereas "kick at" means to attempt to physically kick, but for some reason I think it implies not actually succeeding.

"Kick out at" though, I've never heard. I'm American (California/West Coast) and I find that really weird.

British English or typo?

Dates in Spanish

Sorry if I'm posting too much, but is it okay to use "En el mil novecientos veinte y dos...(blah blah blah happened...)"? Or would you get rid of the el?  

In 1922...

What about "En el trece de julio de mil novecientos cincuenta y cuatro..."? 

On July 13, 1954...

French Vocab, dude.

Can't seem to recall this word; it's a French word that I've always heard as a kid to describe what happens when you pee and the pee kinda bounces off and splatters onto the rim of the toilet.

Oh and also! I do remember hearing it used for when water is boiling on the stove and random drops kinda spit out.

I recognize this is a VERY odd request...
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cutesy word for the warm body that shares your sleep space?

Here in the southern hemisphere, winter is upon us. The desire to get and stay warm, particularly while sleeping, is the talk of the day. I'm in Chile, where a hot water bottle is called a guatero. A person that you sleep in a bed with who keeps you warm (presumably a partner or lover) is a guatero con uñas, or hot water bottle with (finger/toe) nails. I heard yesterday from Brazilian friend that at least in Sao Paulo, they say cobertor de orelhas (blanket with ears).

Do you have any cutesy descriptive term for the person that you snuggle with which is something like XXXthing that you snuggle with plus body part? Or anything else? Please include language, words, translation and location. If you've heard these coming from other places, I'd like to know that, too. This is only about keeping warm, but feel free to go off on tangents as necessary.

Chilean Spanish, Guatero con uñas, hot water bottle with (finger or toe) nails, Santiago
Brazilian Portuguese, cobertor de orelhas, blanket with ears, Sao Paulo
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Uladzia (rydel23) was buried today in Minsk. He died on May 25 after 11-month coma.

Uladzia was one of the first Belarusians exposed to the Internet in the early 90s, when he, then a teenager, studied in the US on the Freedom Support Act fellowship program. He was passionate about the new medium and became one of the most renowned Belarusian cybernauts.

As creator of dozens of pioneering web projects, author of Belarusian Google interface, founder of Belarusian Wikipedia, one of the first Belarusian bloggers - and definitely the most prolific one - he brought good news (and occasionally bad news) about our country to the world.

Nobody could beat him in his workaholic productivity - we would need at least five people to compensate for his absence. And nobody can ever replace him as promoter of Belarusian culture, history and language on the net.

He was a real ambassador of Belarus in cyberspace.

Thousands of people who know him have never seen him, never met him in the off-line world. Working on all his web projects day and night, Uladzia mostly lived in cyberspace.

I am sure he is in a real geek heaven now, with 24/7 megabroadband internet access, with supercomputers running on quantum processors.

And I am sure we'll meet again. A bit later.

And he'll tell us about all the wonderful things that happened there while we were away.

Vova, don't rest in peace. Go on. may the force be with you

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french - ipa & futur antérieur

1. if you don't know IPA and you're a member of this comm, make it your pet project this summer. it's so helpful. i was having problems with orthography and vowels and IPA is definitely helping.

2. i'm learning IPA for french, and i have discovered that, lo and behold, serai [e] and serais [ε] are not the same! among others. but i'm having difficulty differentiating between, for example, [œ] and [ø]. i can't mimic the sounds properly, even after asking native speakers to help me.

is there a website online that has diagrams of how to pronounce french IPA phonemes? or one with all the IPA characters, whichever.

3. we'll eat when we get there = on va manger quand on sera arrivé ?? anterieur tenses are great, i used to just say "on va manger là"...

4. explore is amazing. canadians learning french, http://jexplore.ca. go there. stay with a host family so you don't STARVE, avoid tourist areas (when we visited, everyone in quebec spoke english to even the most advanced students; that's not the case in mtl though), try to go during the spring when it's not so hot, and take up jogging if you're going to chicoutimi, jonquière, québec, or anywhere else hilly, or your legs will fall off, i promise you... and try to go somewhere that does languages at work... et amusez-vous bien !