May 26th, 2007

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Rest in Peace, rydel23 (1976-2007)

I regret to reform you all that rydel23 (name: Ўладзімер Каткоўскі / Ŭładzimir Katkoŭski) has passed away today at the age of 30 in Prague, following a year-long coma (details here). He will be buried in Minsk in his native Belarus.

His obituary is available here. (It's in Belarusian, so if anyone could translate that would be great).

For those of you who are recent members, linguaphiles seems to have someone who specializes in a certain area be it obscure etymologies, Finno-Urgic dialectology, Ubykh phonology or what not. rydel23 was our White Russian Belarusian language guy and he made sure, and quite passionately so (*wink*), that we knew about his language and culture the right way.

Rest in Peace, you will be missed.

nonsense words

What nonsense word do you use when you know the name of an object but can’t think of it at the moment? (and is there a word that specifically refers to such nonsense words?)

so far, I have:

thingy, thingamabob, thingamabobber, thingamajig, thingamajiggy, thingamajigit
whatsit, whatchamacalit, whosit
doodad, doodaddy, doodadder, doohickey,
dealie, dealibob, dealibobber

also, do you have a specific nonsense word you use just to refer to a name you can't remember?  especially besides "whosit" ex:  Mr. Thingamabell


Seeking some help

Greetings to everyone,

I'm writing a course paper on political correctness in a Moscow-based university, and i desperately need several native speakes of English to fill in a short questionnaire to get relevant numbers. Could someone spare a minute and do this, please?

Your help will be invaluable, thanks !!!