May 25th, 2007

RSS feeds in French

Salut tout le monde!
J'ai cherché les 1000 plus populaire rss-feeds (on dit pareil en français?) pour "Le Monde" et "Le Figaro" (parce-que ils me semblent les plus connus journaux en France) et aucun résultat.
Bientôt je dois passer le TCF (Test de Connaissance de Français) et essaye désesperement des moyens pour ameliorer mon Français, ma connnaissance et comprehension de la langue.
Peut-être vous pouvez m'aider de trouver des feeds (ou encore des autres communautés) qui peuvent m'apprendre plus?
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Words for bisexual and 'queer'

Picking up from an earlier question on non-perjorative words for gay in other languages, are there non-perjorative words for 'Queer'. I'm thinking of the word in its positive inclusive sense - lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered. (I realise a lot of English language people find 'queer' offensive.)

Also, how is bisexuality dealt with in other languages? Is it ignored, and bisexuals simply lumped in with gays, or left completely invisible? And since I'm a woman, I'd be interested in the female perspective too - and if words differentiate between a female bisexual or a male.
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armenian letters

what is written on this bag?
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i can't recognize the second letter and i am not sure if i have recognized the other letters correctly as Գ_ՌՆԻ [or is it Գ_ՌՆՐ?]
and, what does it mean?

the photo was taken in a train in Saransk, Republic of Mordovia.

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Mispronouncing native terms

Have you ever been unable to pronounce a word in your native language, due to confusing the pronunciation with that of a foreign language? For example, I just had a minor panic attack because I couldn't remember how to pronounce surveillance - I kept wanting to say the "ll" as an "ll" in Spanish.
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French Pop Radio Stations

Hi! I was wondering if there are any French Top 40/Pop stations that I can listen to online. Any format or way to listen is fine, not only do I have a Mac, but a PC- and like every program possible. Just as long as it's online or the stream can be opened in an external program. I would prefer the music to be a mix between French and English pop hits.

I normally listen to OuiROCK, which is a Rock French station that broadcasts online and has French and English rock songs as well as DJs and commercials in French. So I'm looking for something like that- except targeting the pop/Top 40 variety.

If anyone knows of one, please direct it my way and I'd be very grateful. ^^

P.S.: I would also prefer French stations from... France, but I guess Canadian French is fine, too.


Hi, I just joined. I have a few questions about Portuguese that I haven't been able to find answers for anywhere else, so I decided to try a language community.

1. A song by Kelly Key that I like is called "Escondido", and one of the lines in it is "A gente sai escondido". Why isn't it "escondida"? Isn't "gente" a feminine word? (Kelly Key is from Brazil, in case this has something to do with Brazilian Portuguese). Here are all of the lyrics to the song, in case it helps.

2. Also from Kelly Key songs...what do the verbs "esculachar", "zoar", and the word "zoação" mean? I haven't found them in any dictionary I've looked in.

3. From listening to songs, "ão" sounds a lot like an "ow" in English (like in "now"), but a little this correct?

4. I've read that the letters r, s, x, and z are pronounced differently in different cities of Brazil. How do they sound different in each city?

Thanks for your help!
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