May 11th, 2007

Géill Slí

die sonne und der wind

If someone has time would they mind correcting this part of my Schreiben? You all have been really helpful in the past, and I appreciate it. We were supposed to write a fairy-tale type story ... this is an Aesop's one that I remember from elementary school, so I didn't make it up. =) The writing is supposed to focus on the use of the simple past.

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virgin mary loves bunnies.

answering machine messages.

I am shopping some of my photography to galleries in Germany and Russia and a friend with experience said that I should specify on my voicemail that message would be better left in English, since my ability in both languages is lacking. Can anyone check my outgoing messages and let me know if they're grammatically sound?

They should say something like "this is jill, leave a message in english please. thanks!"


это будет jill. оставьте сообщение на английском языке пожалуйста. спасибо.


dieses ist jill. lassen Sie eine Anzeige auf englisch bitte. danke!

Could someone please check my grammar?

For Japanese class we have to rewrite one of our writing assignments for the semester make it longer. I was wondering if somebody could check my piece for grammatical errors and make sure it sounds right. If anyone could help trigger ideas (ask questions) so I could make it longer before I hand it in, it would be much appreciated.


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queer, yiddish, anarchist

Yiddish idiom (or something) help

So, i'm trying to make a singable translation of Mordkhe Gebirtig's song "Minutn fun Bitokhn," and the first verse ends with the lines "hot geduld, bitokhn / un nem alts on far lib". "Have patience and faith/confidence" is pretty clear. 'Onnemen', however, has a particularly confusing array of possibilites, none of which i can quite make sense of with 'far lib'.


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I've decided I no longer want to focus my Slavic enthusiasm on Czech only, so uh. Polish book recommendations, please! I'm sort of okay with cognates, but I really do need to start from the beginning.


(And I guess if you have some convincing argument for me to know some Slavic language other than Czech or Polish, go ahead and give me a book to look for. I'm getting an awful lot from selling my books back, so I could probably get four or five different languages if there were compelling arguments!)

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Dear linguaphiles, I need your help as usual.

In a book I translate, the main female character is dreaming about her lost lover: "and perhaps (...) they would be lovers again, if only on the moon". She is Spanish by birth, so can the bold phrase be some kind of idiom translated from Spanish? Because it is certainly something of an idiom and I don't recognize it as an English one.

Thanks in advance!
the hero.

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Okay, so, I heard this on the radio last night, and I could not stop laughing. It's a cover of the Clash song Should I Stay Or Should I Go, in, well. Not English. HOWEVER, 'not English' is as far as I can get, but I'm kind of in love with it and I want to see if I can find a full copy of it somewhere (doubtful, but still). Can anyone listen & tell me what language it's in? It was on a Serbian, Bosnian, & Croatian radio station, to narrow it down. And then, what are the actual lyrics? Are they a translation of the original or? Thanks! (I'm far too easily amused.)

omniglots language ranking?

Hey guys (and girls)

What do you think of Omniglot's language ranking system?

They give a language a various numbers of points based on various factors and come up with this list of world languages:

Here is the website which explains hwo they got their tabulations:

  1. English (37)
  2. French (23)
  3. Spanish (20)
  4. Russian (16)
  5. Arabic (14)
  6. Chinese (13)
  7. German (12)
  8. Japanese (10)
  9. Portuguese (10)
  10. Hindi/Urdu (9)

To me it seems strange that French is before Spanish and Arabic. What say you?