May 5th, 2007

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Not exactly langauge related, but

I'm somewhat desperate - I'm sorry if this doesn't exactly fit the community... But does anyone know of any good sites with official public opinion polls on mixed marriages in France? I need this for a paper, and am at an utter loss. Ideally, I'd love statistics about opinions on marriage with other europeans, with maghrebins, with americans, with asians, etc. but I'm totally grateful for ANYTHING. Just needs to be official. And I keep coming up with some Tarot card site.

I can read sites in English or French, and possibly Japanese. I just need public opinions. X_X This is part of research for a French paper.

Study Abroad

Hi, I'm about to go on a study abroad to Argentina (mostly Buenos Aires) at the end of this month. It's going to last about six weeks, which would be a long time for a vacation, but not very long at all for an immersion experience. I've been studying Spanish about 3 and a half years and I feel like I'm at a good point in terms of skill to go abroad. So what I want to ask is, can y'all offer any tips to maximize the opportunity? Obviously I don't want to speak English while I'm there; if I'm not talking/listening to someone I should be watching local TV or reading the paper, etc. But does anyone have any less obvious suggestions? (They can relate to Spanish/Argentina in particular, but any immersion advice is appreciated.) Thanks!
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translation -- Slavic spam... JUST KIDDING, no translation needed

an edit (thanks for such quick responses, by the way) -- I do NOT need to know what this post says. co_lum_bus's summary is fine. I also learned that the spammer created ten or fifteen usernames and hit dozens of journals last night, and each username has been reported and banned. He/she was trolling the LJs of Jews. Classy.

Hey guys! I'm ridiculously curious as to what this says, and what language it's in. It was part of a spam comment to my LJ. the user was suspended within six hours of posting it. Apart from what I've shared, there's a lot of writing in English that talks about a "white pride" community. I know the alphabet is Cyrillic, but babelfish gave me a pretty ridiculous job when I asked for Russian-to-English so I'm wondering if it's a related language. I'd LOVE to know what this random person was ranting about.

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Thanks for indulging my curiosity!


I've gotten a bit lost. A point in the right direction would be helpful.

I'm trying to explain why, in English, it is acceptable to say:

-Those shoes, I really love.

But then explain why there are problems with the following:

-I wonder where Jenny put that cook book.
-* That cook book, I wonder where Jenny put.

Okay, I get that the sentence would sound fine if it were "That cook book, I wonder where Jenny put it." Alas, it's not that simple. Put I know has to refer to something? Is there a trace missing? I'm not sure how to explain this. Or perhaps somehow this has to do with Binding Theory and referring expressions? I know for a fact this has something to do with movement though. I just can't seem to put my finger on how or what this is.

x-posted to linguistics...sorry. :(
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