May 4th, 2007

shannon deep inside the storm

Alphabets, etc.

I'm curious....

How many different alphabets (also including abjads/syllabaries/etc. but excluding character-based writing such as kanji) can you read? (just be able to read out phonetically, regardless of whether or not you know what the words themselves mean)

How long did it take you to learn them?

Are you currently learning any new ones?

What would you consider to be the easiest alphabet? Hardest?

(Though if you do also read kanji/hanzi/etc., feel free also to mention how much you know/how long it took you to learn, but I'm primarily interested in how long it takes people to learn alphabets/abjads/etc.).
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Does anyone call the device used to change TV channels a "flipper"? My siblings and I have always called it that and I'm curious to know if this is a regional thing we've picked up or just a nonsense word. I haven't met anyone else who calls it that yet, though.

(As for me: 5 years in western Florida, 9 years in and near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and 6 years in southern New Jersey.)

Idiotismes de couleur

Hello all French-speakers! Can you help me come up with idiomatic expressions involving colors, or the word "color"? Associations would work as well. For example, in English, green represents envy and yellow represents cowardice.

This would be especially great for violet, indigo, and orange!

Merci d'avance
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I had some friends over last night and we got into a discussion of what you call 改札口 in English--the place in the subway/train station where you put your ticket in to enter or leave the platform area. I'd use ticket gate, but I've also heard ticket wicket and ticket barrier. Someone else suggested turnstile, but the ones in Japan aren't actually turnstiles. What do you guys think?

(no subject)

I'm writing a novel for my Spanish class, and realized that the word for handcuffs is "esposas". Does anyone else think that this is sort of humorous, and could give me some kind of background on the origin of the verb "esposar", and/or why "handcuffs" and "wives" are the same word? I think it's kind of interesting. Cheers!

Academie Francaise Dictionary

In The Story of French I read something the authors state which surprised me: that since 1635 (the year it came into existance), the Academie Francais has never recognized the word "anglais" ("Engish [language]") as an official word, that it has never been put in their officially published dictionaries.

Can somebody confirm or deny this to me?
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Quick question

Can anyone translate the phrase "Constitution of Homo Sapiens" into classical latin for me? I'm sure it's pretty straight forward, it's just that I don't know how to decline Homo Sapiens in the genetive. This is the name of a series of paintings I am working on.