May 3rd, 2007

tsuki no usagi

Hermes Conrad

Recently, one Ukrainian TV channel started showing Futurama (fully dubbed in Ukrainian language). Their dubbing is altogether great, but there's one character, whose speech makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable. It's Hermes. In Ukrainian version he has a funny speech defect (/l/ instead of /r/ and suchlike) and he also joins -a's at ends of words ending in consonants now and then. And sometimes his grammar is wrong.
Originally, Hermes's speech is supposed to be sorta Jamaican (since he is a Jamaican). Could you please explain what the peculiarities of Jamaican English are and whether the way our dubbers rendered them in Ukrainian is appropriate.
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Raise your hands!

I've wanted to ask this for some time now.
How many of us here speak/learn French, Spanish and Portuguese [In whatever level]. I think this group is rather common but it'd be fun to find out.
What made you take up all or any of these languages up?

portuguese on my own

hey guys! hope your language studies are going well. =)

i'd just like to get some feedback on how i could try to keep up with studying portuguese, i have other romance language background so much of it is fairly intuitive more or less, but i had wanted to go to brazil this summer to volunteer and hopefully pick up the language better. unfortunately the flights are far too expensive so i'll have to postpone going. anyhow, i was wondering what would be the best tools to use for trying to learn on my own? do you guys recommend rosetta stone, or pimsleur, or just reading, writing, and speaking to myself 24/7 until i breathe and live and dream in portuguese? =) i'm a little nervous with trying to learn this language, since portuguese seems to have many unique sounds and ways of pronouncing things that are not necessarily phonetic, like how the d's become j' sounding and the t's become ch's. like in 'de onde voce e' and 'o leite.' (where are you from and milk, if i've gotten it right!)

also, is brazillian very different from the varieties spoken in portugal and parts of africa? i know of course there would be accent and voice 'coloring' and amplification differences as with any two different regions of the same language. but i wanted to know if say, i went to portugal and then hopped a flight to mozambique, would i be able to comprehend others and also be understood with my own spoken variant (well: provided i had a good knowledge by this point of the correct grammar and vocab of the language! let's just assume this would be the case hypothetically. =)
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Help understanding a sentence...

Fred Oliff enlightened those assembled about the history of hydrography and its importance in the development of Canada.

The bit I don't understand is the usage of "about", so I've been unable to translate it properly yet. Am I correct to think that 'those assembled' is referring to the boats they were talking about earlier in the text? Or could it be something completely different? Some idiom? And what should be the translation of "about"  here? "À l'époque" ?

Thanks in advance.
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Can someone that speaks French please help me?

In my high school French class, we had to read a short story and give a little book talk about it. The rough drafts of what we were going to say were due yesterday, but I wasn't feeling well at all, so I didn't go to school.  I have to give the book talk tomorrow and I desperately need someone to just proofread it. It's bad French, I know, but once I know more French I can look back at this and laugh.

You aren't doing my homework for me, I just need some help.

Please keep in mind that I just learned past tense a week ago. So I'm terrible at it.

Collapse )

Thank you in advance!
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More ambiguities...

  • Minister Finley announces funding for much needed repairs at Port Dover Harbour Facility. (on behalf of Hon. Loyola Hearn) – (December 2006)  at the Port Dover Harbour harbour facility.  Media coverage included:  The Port Dover Maple Leaf, The London Free Press, The Hamilton Spectator, Dundas-Ancaster Recorder, the Hamilton Recorder; CHML AM/CING-FM Radio Hamilton, CKLH FM/CKCO AM Hamilton, CHAM-AM Hamilton, The New PL Television, CHCH Television, the Simcoe Reformer, CHCD FM Radio Simcoe, The Brantford Expositor; CKPC AM/FM Radio Brantford, CFPL AM/FM Radio London – called and advised of this announcement that generated media coverage.
  • La ministre Finley annonce un investissement fédéral pour des travaux d’amélioration qui s’imposent à l’installation portuaire de Port Dover (au nom de l'honorable Loyola Hearn) – (décembre 2006). La couverture médiatique comprenait :  Le Maple Leaf de Port Dover, le London Free Press, le Hamilton Spectator, le Dundas-Ancaster Recorder, le Hamilton Recorder; les stations CHML-AM, CING-FM, CKLH-FM, CKCO-AM, CHAM-AM d’Hamilton, les chaînes New PL Television et CHCH, le Simcoe Reformer, la station CHCD FM de Simcoe, le Brantford Expositor; les stations CKPC AM/FM de Brantford et CFPL AM et FM de London – called and advised of this announcement that generated media coverage.
I can't seem to understand the last part of that paragraph. Is it the organization of which I'm translating the annual report that "called and advised of this announcement that generated media coverage" ??

Grrr I'm fed up with that document, really.

Thanks for your help.

**** Edit: I'M DONE! F**** HELL! WHAT A RELIEF! My translation is surely better in French than the original text! Thanks everyone!
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trying to find the right words...

this is just sort of a bizarre little anecdote.

my wife and i attend an inclusive church (which is really a misnomer as at the moment it's about 99.9% GLBT folk...i'd like to get some hetero folk in there at some point!) and last week, one member brought some friends with him.  the friends weren't really totally sure where they were, and my wife was trying to explain to them what exactly an inclusive church is.  the couple were from paraguay--and one of the couple didn't speak spanish, but rather only guarani (indigenous language to paraguay).

so when my wife came back over to our group of friends and told us that she had tried to explain that the majority of us are GBLT, we asked her how you say that in guarani.  and she got embarrassed and said...there is no word "homosexual" in guarani.  so, she used a word they would understand.  puto.  to my ears that word is awfully offensive (think "slut") but apparently it's a common word to refer to gay men in argentina (where we live now).  so...i don't know.  but there was no word for homosexual in their native language!  and the best word to help them understand was what seems to me a slur!  it was really strange.

and on a totally unrelated note (other than it also involving my wife), a few days ago, she was trying to respond to someone in this community (on a post about guarani).  she asked me to look over her english grammar before she posted, and i found that she had started off with the word "firstable"--the way her ears had always heard and understood "first of all"!

now that's just cute :)


Hello! My name is damnreccaishot, and I'm new to this community. Uhm my native language is Tagalog (Philippines), and I've been living here in America for 7 years, so I'm pretty fluent in English as well. Right now I'm studying Japanese, currently in the 2nd year. I think it's THE language that I definately want to keep learning about, and since I feel very passionate about it, I want others who want and are willing to learn, to have the opportunity to at least get acquainted with the Japanese language.

On the same note, I know I like to search the internet for any Japanese help I can get my hands on, and sadly, I can't find too many out there. Either that, or it's really hard to read. And so I decided to make my own Japanese Lesson livejournal. It's called Japanese_tutor, so please if you want, go ahead and check it out. Basically I put up a dialogue in romaji Japanese, give you an English translation, and then break it down to show you how the sentence was put together. I am also going to put up mini quizzes and excercises you can use to help you gauge how much material you are learning. It's not professionally made; it's a bit colloquial so I think you won't find it that hard to understand. It's newly made so help and comments would be much appreciated.

I'm sorry for plugging, but since this is a language loving community, I thought people would be interested. ^_^

Ghetto booty

Hello, guys!

I've got a question.  Is "ghetto booty" offensive or not? Can it be used when describing a woman of ANY race? Is it a quite common slang word in ur area?

BTW, i've been here for a while, but still no introduction post. So here it is.
Anna, Russian, 23 y.o., Vladivostok, moving to Moscow.
Chinese - 6 years, Korean -1 semester, German - 2 years, French -on and off for 3 years.

Will be endlessly thankful for the answers