April 28th, 2007

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One of those howdoyousay posts.

I'm looking for the word "shadow" (in the sense of a "shadow self" or "shadow copy") and the word "copy" (of a humanoid creature, if applicable).

Languages I have: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese, Latin, Greek (Ancient), Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Croatian, Finnish, Korean, Slovak, Hindi, Maliseet, Norwegian, Ojibwe, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Albanian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Mandarin, Dutch, German.

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Translation help

So I finally came across the lyrics to one of my favourite songs ever, but I don't know Spanish (I presume it's Spanish; sorry if I'm ignorant in such matters) and Babelfish did a spectacular job of mangling it (as usual!).  Anyone care to help me translate?  Thanks in advance!

Edit: OK, so maybe Babelfish wasn't all that bad(?), but I'm still hoping for a better translation...

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What's the difference between "frente a" and "enfrente" and "delante?" They are all "in front," right?

What's the difference between "arriba" and "encima?" They both mean "on top," right?


"a scissors"

When I was little I read a lot of Peanuts, and of course a regular gag was that Charlie Brown would try to fly his kite and get tangled up in a tree and yell at whoever was nearby to shut up and get him "a scissors". My reaction to that was always "Wtf, a scissors?" because up to (and since) then I'd only ever heard "a pair of scissors". So I thought I would start a poll.

How old are you?
Where do you live?
Do you say "a scissors" or "a pair of scissors"?
Do you refer to other "paired" nouns in the singular, like "a pants"?

Just curious :)

Edit: Just FTR, 18, Australia, "a pair of scissors" and no, not that I can think of.