April 27th, 2007

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Spoken Urdu


I need to learn spoken Urdu (or Hindi) in a relatively short time. I have got somebody I can practise with but he is useless as a teacher, we have tried before and always end up arguing. Do you know of any audio or video lessons that could help? I don't need to learn the script so either Urdu or Hindi would be acceptable. Thank you.
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NYC Teacup

i think this is polish...?

Hi guys, maybe you can help me out with this. I really like this song "Agnieszka" by Lzy and I have a couple of questions.

-- What language is it in? I think it might be Polish because of the way I found the song, but I only really know romance languages.

-- I know it's too much to ask for a translation of the lyrics, but could you at least tell me what the title means and the 'gist' of the song? (The general story it tells and if it is sad, happy, etc?)


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Multi Pass!


Throughout the semester in my Language Study class, we have watched a 3-part series of films called The Human Language by Gene Searchinger. We've also watched Deborah Tannen's He Said, She Said, and this film called American Tongues by Andrew Kolker and Louis Alvarez (I have yet to watch this last one; I just checked it out today). If you've seen any of these, what did you think about it/them?
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