April 22nd, 2007

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Today's For Better of For Worse

I was amused that "Lizardbreath" mentioned the Spanish double negatives. It's like my English teachers hid that fact from us back then!

And keep in mind that this strip takes place in a fictional suburb of Toronto. How often do they use y'all up there?

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I have a paper due in my Spanish class at the end of the week. If anyone who speaks the language (native or not) could look this over and make any corrections, improvements it would be appreciated. Thanks.

If this isn't allowed, I'll delete it.

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History of French

Recently there has been discussion in this community about the history and development of French, and why French is different in so many ways from all the other Romance languages. I found this wikipedia page, which addresses quite a few of the issues I've seen recently discussed, and thought I would share:


It discusses changes to French brought about by contact with both Celtic languages and Germanic languages.
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final project emergency

So. For my Spanish Phonetics & Phonology class I have to conduct a half hour interview with a native Spanish speaker, (in Spanish!) write down what they said, and then transcribe it all in IPA. This gigantic endeavour is due next Monday, but I have to get up and talk about my progress on Wednesday. I've had someone lined up (a friend of a friend I don't actually know) since January, but they've bailed on me now a series of times and I'm about to panic. I live in Fargo, ND, and I honestly do not know any native Spanish speakers. Were I home in Boston, this would be no problem, but... North Dakota.

I've pretty much given up finding someone in time. I *think* it would be possible for me to record something done over skype, which is obviously far from an optimal situation, but it would at least be *something*, even though I think I would have trouble speaking Spanish over the the internet. Oh well: I need SOMETHING.

So, I essentially need someone who would be willing to do an interview over skype in the very, very near future, who is also a native Spanish speaker.
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Quick Features Question

What's the feature matrix that includes {m, n, l} and not {x, t, r}? Will [+son, +cons, -cont] do? I'm having trouble finding a way to exclude [r] from the set, where [r] stands for an alveolar trill, not the approximant.

Thanks a bunch!

Mancunians, Scousers, Geordies etc.

Hello everybody!

Would love to learn some more names for people living in different pasts of the UK. Those you can't really make out judging simply by the name of the town (e.g. Londoners, Aberdonians, Glaswegians etc.) Really looking forward to know how the inhabitants of Edinburgh name themselves...

That's what I've got already:


Thanks in advance!