April 20th, 2007

little schreiben

First of all, I would like to say I had a great urge to title this something like schreibenito ... but then I felt fairly certain that diminuitives don't just roll over from Spanish. ;-)

Hi, would someone mind correcting my mistakes? I xx'ed out the name of my city ... since I don't really want to just advertise on LJ, you know. x_X Thanks for anyone who can take the time to do this!

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A unique situation?

I was reading something the other day which explained that what everyone thinks of as "Kurdish" is really two or three different languages (at least). Additionally, two of those different languages are mutually intelligible with each other, but the third one isn't. Despite this, Kurds tend to take the view that speakers of any one of those three languages is a Kurd.
Are there any other situations worldwide where a given ethnic group encompasses speakers of mutually unintelligible languages?

Milk jug

I'm reading a murder mystery set in Virginia. Some of the characters release milk jugs into the sea from a boat to test currents to see how a body might be washed up on a beach. Now to me, a jug is an open container with a handle and a spout used for pouring, and I can't see how that would float. Obviously in Virginia, a milk jug is something else that floats very well. :-) Can someone please clear up this mystery for me? Is it the big plastic bottle you buy milk in?

[Edit] Thanks, it seems to be cleared up now. What the characters in the book call a milk jug I call a plastic milk bottle, and what I call a jug they'd call a pitcher. :-P

Nervous Wreck.

I know this is really bad to do, but I am desperate. You guys will be seriously turned off, but I have an oral presentation in Spanish class and am extremely self-conscious because everyone in that class seems so good at Spanish while I seem to be the underdog. All my classmates say that they are just going to just wing it and they seem to be able to think on the spot easily. I decided to write out what I am going to say because the last time I did a presentation in that class, I froze and stuttered and got a 48%. I'm hoping writing it out would prepare me more. Could you me by reviewing what I have writtened? I included what I was trying to say in English right below it. 

You don't even have to look over it all. You can even look over like, a couple sentences and tell me what's wrong with it.  Or look over a couple of sentences and affirm that it is correctly written. Really, I would really appreciate that. I understand how annoying it can be when people ask for homework help on communities. Thank you for reading this. = ) (I know this seems like a lot to ask because you guys are probably super busy and all, but if you could do this ASAP, that would be the best since I really need as much practice as possible.)

Moderators, feel free to delete this post if it goes against a rule! =)

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