April 19th, 2007

fab Julie

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If you heard a person say "he drives a hoopty", what would they describing?

If a person describes you as his/her "homegirl/homeboy" what does this mean?

If you heard a person say "Here comes the po-po's" to what would they be referring?

What region are you from? What's your gender?

need 2 be lrning teh IPA plz

What are good texts for teaching oneself IPA (and any necessary prerequisites for non-linguists)? I would like to know for the purpose of doing certain things related to computational linguistics (and related AI fields), and just knowing how to pronounce something correctly when I see it written in IPA form. I may also learn a little about the historical development of accents, but that's more of a side interest.

On a side note, does anyone know what professions, which aren't directly related to linguistics, is it used for? For example, do voice actors use it? For that matter, what about stage actors?
  • mooose

Translation request

Hi, could someone please translate this for me?

Nullum est iam dictum quod non dictum sit prius.

It was on the profile of someone I knew. I would rather not use a machine to translate it.

Thanks in advance.
  • cochon

romance phonetics

Can anybody here explain why French sounds so different than other romance languages, or is that just Canadien French? I grew up in eastern Ontario and heard French all the time, and now that I'm livin g in the US, I hear spanish quite a bit. And I've alwyas thought that Spanish sounds so different from French that I would not think they were related languages at first, unless I knew better.

I have listened to itlalian and portuguese music and they both sound more like spanish than French does. This tells me that the others are probably the more "normal" ones, and French is the exception. But why does French have a different set of sounds (the "ch" sound, all the nasals, the extra vowels, etc)? Has anybody else noticed this?
  • gooofy


I got a piece of furniture from Neoset, and the instructions are mostly Greek! We'd like to get this together tonight. Can anyone translate for me please?


It's a little hard to read; I'm not sure about "100ΜΝ".
rarest thing

DELE tips?

Has anybody here taken the DELE? (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera for those who don't know what it is.) I'm preparing to take the Superior level in May even though I'm directly in between Intermediate and Superior. The hardest parts for me are grammar correction and oral (because although I know the language I don't speak very fluidly - same in my native language, English).

Any study tips?