April 6th, 2007


Introductionary post. Because it's custom, isn't it?

Hallo Leute!

I've floated over from howdoyousay so if this post sounds familiar, don't mind me. I hate intro-posts with a passion, but still. XD

There isn't actually a lot you need to know about me, safe from that I'm a language nerd that likes to travel lots and far and has a habit of picking up words, phrases and languages on the go.

I'm fluent in German (my mother tongue) and its various dialects, as well as in English. I *used* to be fluent in French as well, but lacking practice ate my vocabulary it seems. I'm also able to understand a lot of stuff in Dutch.
Then I know quite a bit of Italian and Spanish and I study Latin at the U as a main subject.
And where's Latin, there's Ancient Greek as well in Germany, so I'm currently taking that as well. (Am not very good at it yet, though.)
And last but not least I'm also taking Japanese additionally to my studies, because it is fun and refreshingly different compared to all the European languages.

I'm fascinated by words. I also have a 'sweet tooth' for neologisms and the variations of speech on the Internet, emoticons, etymology and morphology. (My second subject at the U is History...)

And that's all. *waves shyly at the audience*

Edit: After that nice conversation with muckefuck I've decided to change the (somewhat offensive) word in question. Don't nitpick, please? (I'm still thinking about it.)
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Having been in this community for a while, I never realized how many college students there are here. So, to those who currently go to a university/college, where do you attend and what can you tell me about its linguistics/language programs?

I'll use this as an introductory post. I'm Kyle, a rising senior in high school. Obviously, I have a love of language (so much that at times it surpasses linguaphilia and borders on linguamania), writing, and linguistics. Unlike others, I have no specific interest in these areas, as all parts--from morphological typology to the Pirahã language--are fascinating to me. I speak English and Spanish fluently, though I've studied various other languages (Cherokee ftw! + ASL, Japanese, Greek, and more) at one point or another, and being the nerd I am, I've even constructed my own.

I'm in the middle of college searching, as you could probably tell, and although I have a pretty good idea of where I'm applying, I'd like to explore other universities' ling/lang programs (the College Board and many university sites are painfully inadequate). Any information would be great. =)

Lastly, to those of you who haven't heard of it, www.lingwiki.com is an awesome site -- it's like Wikipedia, 'cept for linguists/linguaphiles. I encourage you to join and get involved; I'd really like to see the site grow as a resource for all people with an interest in language.

The ever-disappearing subjunctive

I knew that the use of the subjunctive in English was becoming more and more uncommon, but never have I heard it called incorrect!

I'm writing an essay in which I use the phrase "…whether it be a flower, a berry, a constellation, or a double-suicide" and Microsoft Word underlined the word "be" and suggested that I change it to "is"! PREPOSTEROUS!

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