April 3rd, 2007


the speech accent archive

I'm not sure how well known this is. I'm posting it in case it isn't.

The speech accent archive from GMU is a collection of 681 IPA transcriptions, along with audio recordings, of people from different regions and of different levels of skill in English all reading the same English-language paragraph. It's released under a Creative Commons license (non-commercial, attribution, share-alike).
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I was looking at a world map the other day, and I saw Madagascar and was like, "Hmm...Madagascar...LANGUAGE!"

What is the most common spoken language in Madagascar? And can someone direct me to some websites that have more info on it? Thanks. :)

Post-university job-search syndrome...

[Freshman at a University in the United States]

So I know that for any major relating to language (or anything in the liberal arts for that matter) it is going to be difficult to pinpoint a job. I've toyed with the idea of being a translator for books/movies/etc, or to maybe work in an international branch of a company or something... but when it comes straight down to it, I have no idea how to go about it.

All I really know is that I want to do something with language, and I want to live somewhere that isn't the United States. Maybe England, so my [French] boy and I can chunnel to France on the weekends or something!

Anyway, how exactly does one get into a field as some kind of translator? I mean, it's still a few years off, but I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into, and how to get myself into it. Especially since I'd be looking for a job overseas, and all...

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Double major - minor?

This post of mine is loosely based on this post I saw in anthropologist back in February.

For those of you who have majored or are majoring in linguistics - what was/was/is/are your other major(s) and minor(s)? For those who have graduated, what did you wish you could have majored in? Why?

And, no, I'm not really interested in advice. I'm just curious about what you guys chose. ;-)


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polish language self-instruction

Can someone here recommend a good book/cd-rom for teaching oneself Polish? I'd preferably like something that involves, umm, speaking, listening, reading and writing. All my local library has is "60 minute in-flight Polish" and a six cd set with no booklet or anything, so I was thinking that I might want to invest in something a little more complete. I'm looking to learn some basic Polish now to, fingers crossed, be followed up with formal lessons in the future.