April 2nd, 2007

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hi everyone,

My name is Lauren and i'm looking for new friends..especially international ones or ones who love languages.. I'm American and I lived in Costa Rica for a while so I can speak spanish. I study chinese and arabic at my university (4 semesters of each so far) and I am trying to study in Turkey this fall.

I would love to help anyone with anything involving up to advanced levels of spanish and english and basic levels of chinese (mandarin), arabic (egyptian and standard) or turkish.

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linguistics study abroad?

Hi all,
Does anyone know of any non-US institutions/abroad programs that are a good place to go for linguistics (or communication/cognition, speech pathology, etc)? I'm an undergrad linguistics major at Northwestern University right now, and looking to study abroad (in a year or so) somewhere that will still allow me to take courses or do research to advance my major.

I'm willing to go anywhere, very preferably somewhere that also offers classes in the host country's language if it's a non-English speaking country*. My past language instruction has been very punctuated and I'm unfortunately now only fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese (so while I can still take a year in a given language before going abroad, anything that requires more than that isn't really doable).

Ideas are VERY appreciated! Thanks :)

*(edit) To clarify, I want to take linguistics classes taught in English, but if I am going to be in a country whose citizens don't exclusively speak English, I'd want to take classes that teach the foreign language.
Thanks for everyone's help so far!
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accent help

So last night Saturday there was a survivor-type show on Telemundo ... I don't remember what it's called, and I can't seem to find any information on it, but something on it was really interesting. There was a female contestant who, every time interviewed, had to be subtitled because of her accent. I could barely believe she was saying the same thing as was written on the bottom of the screen. It was the most bizarre Spanish I've ever heard .... my first thought was "maybe she's Dominican!" because of horror stories I've read here about Dominican accents, but then I came to the conclusion ... no, no way Dominican Spanish can be that unintelligible. But maybe not. XD

Has anyone by chance seen this and can tell me anything about it?

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Надеюсь, модераторы не сочтут это сильным оффтопиком.
Буду очень благодарна, если поможете вот в чем: мне нужны емайлы и/или веб адреса западноевропейских факультетов по специальностям лингвистика и славистика (русский).

Я, конечно, ищу в гугле, но вдруг кто-то из вас имеет отношения к университетам и знает конкретные адреса, вы мне очень сократите время поиска. Нужно это для хорошего дела, не для личных нужд :) Большое спасибо.

I will appreciate help in finding email/web addresses of Linguistics and Slavic (Russian) university departments in Western Europe. If you happen to know some of them, please comment. Thank you.
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exchange students!

If you've done a language exchange, hosted an exchange student, or known someone who's done either... What were your/their experiences? Good, bad? Would you recommend staying with a host family or staying in residence?

I just won an Explore bursary. Very, very cool. I'm going to UQAC for five weeks this summer, and if I want rez I have to tell them soon.

The rez is apartment-style and would probably be more fun, but the host family option is more attractive because I'll be forced to speak French 24/7. I'm a little wary of living with a family for five weeks though. I need to do some more research on my host institution, but hopefully you guys can provide me with your experiences.

Thanks in advance :)

edit// I'm nervous about both options... I had a physically abusive roommate the last time I went on an extended school trip, but I've heard all sorts of horror stories about host families too... :|

Languages I Can't Speak

I'm hoping some folks here might be interested and able to provide additions or corrections to my website. I am collecting the sentence "I can't speak ____ but it's a beautiful language" in as many languages as possible. I've got 65 languages so far, most displayed in their proper orthography and with an IPA transcription.

Anyone interested in contributing, please don't hesitate to contact me, either by commenting here or emailing the address on my How You Can Help page. I'm particularly looking for new languages, audio files of native speakers saying the phrase, and help with the IPA.

Thanks everyone!

Edit: I should have mentioned; I favor idiomatic translations over literal ones. For example, in many of the Romance languages it is more natural to say "I don't speak" rather than "I can't speak" and so I think the former is preferable.