April 1st, 2007


The "happy birthday" song

Before I start, I've looked on Wikipedia and the article which would theoretically answer my question is a minor disaster area, so I'm trusting you people again (doesn't it make you feel special?).

What I'm after are the lyrics to the "Happy birthday to you" song as it would be sung in any of Turkish (first choice), Arabic or Hebrew (transliterated in both cases). One of my lecturers is a specialist in the Middle East and has a birthday coming up, so I thought this would be a nice surprise.

[And no, I'm not going to sing it. That wouldn't be a nice surprise. I'll send it in an Email]

More Fun with English Lexical Isoglossia

In regards to the words shop and store (n. a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services): Are they perfect synonyms in (your dialect/idiolect of) English? If not, what are the differences? Do they have any degree of interchangeability, or are their usages mutually exclusive? Is one a hypo/hypernym of the other?

Personally: Shop is "default"; store is usually extremely large/self-service/chain/franchise/etc. Some degree of interchangeability.
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Irshad Manji's name

In her book The Trouble With Islam, Canadian author Irshad Manji says her name is unisex, but more often given to baby boys than to baby girls, although it's not unheard of to find a woman named Irshad.

I'm wondering about this. What kind of name is Irshad (ie what language, what does it mean, anything else, etc)?

Peace and thanks!

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Okay, question.

So I was listening to the song "All Hail the Heartbreaker" by The Spill Canvas and in it they said, "But your undecisive mind tells me that you're just another girl."

I thought that undecisive wasn't a word, but when I checked dictionary.com, they said it was. Is that right?
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spanish question

thanks guys for the help on my previous question. now i just have three more.

1) i've hear some people say, "me salio bien el examen." what exactly does it mean? same as "me fue bien el examen?"  what about "sali bien el examen?" how would i say, "the exam went well"? sorry if this is confusing you. i just don't know what people are exactly saying.

2) "quieres decir...?" does that mean, "do you mean..."? (ok, here is a grammar question: where does the question mark go if i'm using quotes? example: all of the quotes and question marks in the questions above. inside or outside the quotations?).

3) when do you add the "se" before a conjugated verb? i know that you use it (like se habla espanol) when you're talking about a place that speaks some language, but what other things? i don't understand when sometimes i would use "siento" and then "me siento" also.

ahh sorry again if these are dumb questions...i know i should probably know the answers to them already seeing how i'm in my 4th year of spanish, but i'm losing my brain
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Konnichiwa, minnachan! I've just written a lesson in beginning Japanese based on what I've learned from YEARS of watching anime, and I'd like to know what you all think of it! Arigato!

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Edit: I added to the list of sentence endings ^^;
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Sotaque açoriano

Hi all -

I'm currently studying in Portugal and recently was exposed to the sotaque açoriano - the Azorean accent. I'd been warned that often even the Portuguese often have trouble understanding it, but I found it fairly easy to understand and thought is sounded really cool. I've been trying to find a sound file with it - either music or a voice recording of any sort - but have been unsuccessful. Can any of you guys help me out?

Thanks in advance. :)
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One of the most commonly contested theories in linguistics is the genetic classification of Hungarian, which claims to Uralic, where it is currently placed (based off most "common" words), whereas other theories place it in an Altaic/Turkic family and there have even been comparisons of it to Sumerian, Etruscan and Eteocretian. However, I believe that these claims are all false, as I have found a language that is virtually identical to Hungarian in sentence structure, grammar, phonology and complexity.

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