avium concentus in agris (leopold_paula_b) wrote in linguaphiles,
avium concentus in agris

Nose Cheese?

Mr. Neverout. Well, Miss, if I must be hanged, I won't go far to chuse my Gallows: It shall be about your fair Neck.
Miss Notable. I'll see your Nose Cheese first, and the Dogs eating it. (Simon Wagstaff, i.e. Jonathan Swift: A Treatise on Polite Conversation.)
I'm intrigued by Miss Notable's reply, but I don't understand it at all. Some pun on noose or choose?

Later at the same dinner party:
Miss Notable. Where's my Knife, sure I han't eaten it? O, here it is.
Sir John Linger. No, Miss, but your Maidenhead hangs in your Light.
Miss Notable. Pray, Sir John, is that a Derbyshire Compliment?
(Sir John is from Derbyshire, but what does his remark mean?)
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