Ei tea kust ilmunud nagu poleks midagi juhtunud (belcantante) wrote in linguaphiles,
Ei tea kust ilmunud nagu poleks midagi juhtunud

A couple of sentences in Estonian

Dear friends,
Please help me to translate or at least understand what is said here:
3. Keera rullile üks pööre ja murra seejärel äärmised tühjad küljed keskele.
4. Rulli tortilla lõpuni kinniste otsadega toruks.
Many thanks in advance!
Tags: estonian
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September 1 2014, 04:10:15 UTC 9 months ago

There should be illustration instead! It tells how to roll a tortilla

3. Roll once and then turn the empty side ends of the tortilla back
4. Roll the tortilla to end, into a roll with closed ends.


September 1 2014, 11:16:55 UTC 9 months ago

Many thanks!