Neverspeak (iconoclass) wrote in linguaphiles,

Typing Japanese

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August 30 2014, 21:51:20 UTC 3 months ago

Have you considered changing to a romaji based input? That's what I use.


August 30 2014, 21:57:33 UTC 3 months ago

How does that distinguish between hiragana and katakana?


August 30 2014, 22:10:52 UTC 3 months ago

Oh my computer you click to choose to type in either hiragana or katakana.


August 31 2014, 03:03:26 UTC 3 months ago

After adding Japanese as one of the languages on your computer in your settings, there's a drop down menu that will have katakana, hiragana, romaji etc.

i don't know what setup you have, but it's worked for both Windows and mac in my case.

For Windows:

For Mac:

Hope that helps! It's much much easier in my opinion.


August 31 2014, 06:55:25 UTC 3 months ago

You type the word, press space to convert, and if it's a commonly katakana word, it'll automatically change to katakana. If it's not, just scroll down until you hit the conversion you want.


August 30 2014, 21:56:48 UTC 3 months ago

Actually, I've just found that I have ヘ when I switch to katakana input, so I can use that. Kind of a pain to switch keyboard layouts in the middle of a sentence, though, so another solution would be nice.


August 31 2014, 01:58:52 UTC 3 months ago

Just type "he"? Are you not using an IME or something?

Small ya is "xya".


August 31 2014, 02:00:44 UTC 3 months ago

I'm not using IME. Perhaps that's more popular than I thought it was.


August 31 2014, 02:06:10 UTC 3 months ago

I live in Tokyo and work with Japanese people and have yet to meet one or work in an office that DIDN'T use IME.


August 31 2014, 02:07:59 UTC 3 months ago

Maybe it's an OS-specific thing. Japanese-speakers have to use the English alphabit to type their own language? What a pain.


August 31 2014, 02:12:24 UTC 3 months ago

Well they all learn how to write romaji in school, so it's not that hard for them as I understand it? None that I've seen have ever had a problem with it, and you'll even see it in things like comics and stuff, where if a character is cut off in the middle of a sentence that's supposed to end, for example, in 食べた, they'll say "~食べt" (because to type た, you write ta even by Japanese speakers, rather than a dedicated た key.)


September 7 2014, 12:28:11 UTC 3 months ago

They do have a Japanese keyboard setup but I hardly know anyone who uses it. Even on the phones they use romaji to type in Japanese lol